Qureka Banner – A Revolution In Online Advertising

Qureka Banner – A Revolution In Online Advertising

Nowadays digital advertisements are the most common marketing strategies that are used by the companies. Traditional advertising is different. Now in this internet and digital generation companies and industries are majorly concentrating on online marketing and digital marketing to introduce their products and services to the customers. Qureka Banner is one such digital format used for advertising purposes. Today in this guide we are going to discuss Qureka Banner and its advantages for companies.

What Is Qureka Banner?

Qureka Banner is an interactive and engaging banner advertisement on digital media which attracts consumers more. Normally we will see banner ads and native ads on websites and blogs, but these Qureka banner ads are completely different from those ads. These banner ads are more personalized ads, they will attract the customers with their animation effects and call to action buttons in the banner. They will know the interest of the consumers and customize or personalize the ad according to their interest and show the products or services. These banners ads are different from other ads in the aspect of Color Scheme, Graphics, Typography and Layout.

What Are The Features Of Qureka Banner Ads?

When compared to basic banner ads Qureka Banner ads have more features and benefits. Below are some of those outstanding features of these Banner ads.

  • Real Time analytics: we can track the real time performance of our banner ad and can check how our ad is performing in various digital media.
  • Third Party Integration: for providing a unified flow Qureka interface with various types of third party services. We can connect our CRM tools to this and track our campaign.
  • A/B Testing: we can run A/B testing in Qureka platform and can compare the results with other ad campaigns.
  • Various Designs and templates: Qureka poses various types of templates and designed banners so that we can choose according to our requirement.

Benefits Of Qureka Banner Advertisements

Below are some of the major benefits that we can get from this ad platform

  • We can get targeted reach through Qureka ads.
  • Supports all types of devices.
  • You can obtain a good number of leads.
  • The pricing is affordable.
  • Friendly User Interface and easy to use.
  • Companies and industries can see a major rise in their sales growth.
  • Brand Reach will be improved.

How To Use Qureka Banner?

It is very simple to use this banner. If you do not know you can follow the below steps

First we have to select an image which suits our product or service that we are looking to promote and create a good headline with the required number of characters. You have to create a call to action and keep it in your banner advertisement so that the user can directly go to your product or service page with the help of that action button. Now you have to select your banner sizes. Now review your banner ad and make improvements if needed. Qureka will support JPG, Gif and PNG formats on their banners.

Final Say

Now you have known everything about Qureka Banner and how to use it for the promotion of your brand or products on digital media. Many businesses use various kinds of promotions and advertisements to sell their products and services. In recent years online promotion is playing a pivotal role for many companies to improve their sales. So using Qureka and other types of banner advertisements will help them achieve their goals and as well as profits to their respective organizations.


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