How Does The Symbol Help Your Brand?

How Does The Symbol Help Your Brand?

Sometimes, we can recognize certain symbols and associate them with a brand. In other cases, this association is more complicated or impossible. Sometimes those symbols trigger something in us, either positive or negative. This is possible due to the relationship between character and brand; in this article, we explain it in detail.

How Do We Define A Logo Or A Symbol Concerning A Brand?

Next, we will see how a symbol is defined and how we will understand it concerning a brand.

Symbol Definition

Let’s start conventionally by defining the word symbol. These are the first two meanings 

  1. Element or a material object that, by convention or association, is considered representative of an entity, an idea, a specific condition, etc.
  2. Expressive form that introduces symbolic representations of values ​​and concepts into the arts and that, starting from the symbolist current, at the end of the 19th century, and in later poetic or artistic schools, uses the subliminal suggestion or association of words or signs to produce conscious emotions.

How Do We Understand Symbols?

We highlight a part of each meaning. From the first, we emphasize that convention or association is considered representative of an entity. In terms of branding, we would translate it as unanimously or by use and knowledge it is associated with a brand or company. The second definition that using suggestion or association to produce conscious emotions; That is what brands generate, whether they like it or not, sensations in the people who know them.

The symbol of a brand, that is, its logo, is something known that represents the brand wherever it is used and that in turn generates emotions in people.

Paradigmatic Examples Of Brand Symbols

Examples? Apple’s apple, Audi’s four rings, Chanel’s interlocking C’s, Amazon’s smile. The first two have achieved what every designer and company dreams of the brand can dispense with the verbal part and be recognized only by the symbol. We have put these examples because they are known to everyone, but there are infinitely more that will be just as good, although less known because their scope or size is smaller.

How Does A Brand Come To Be Recognized By Its Symbol?

A brand becomes known by the symbol that identifies it with work and time—getting to the point of using it as the only identifying brand element requires a lot of time and actions that generate that knowledge. Recognition through a symbol supposes a certain status compared to the competition because it can do without the verbal part to be recognized and to communicate. It is a long-term goal that requires a measured brand strategy and a studied construction.

On another occasion, we talked about the typologies of brands. There are six different ones: the logo (the representation of the brand through the verbal part, for example, Sony) and the logo plus symbol (the speaking part plus a symbol.

How Is A Brand Typology Decided?

To decide what type of brand is appropriate for a product or service, these aspects are first evaluated at the same time:

  • The company’s values and identity (who are they, and what do they want to convey?)
  • The sector itself (is it convenient to follow the trend in brand typology or not?
  • The company’s long-term goals (where and to whom do you want to go?)
  • Target audience (who is the actual consumer of the brand?)
  • Advantages of having a symbol

Having a symbol allows for more effective and clear communication. Use fewer elements in each message; visually, it is more impressive and simple. Practically, it is easier to use a brand with a symbol because it has fewer identity elements (as long as the character is well constructed and simple).

Most importantly, if the company becomes recognized by the symbol, it has taken over a piece of the category in which it operates because it has associated the activity or product with its identity with the symbol.

No type of brand is more correct or suitable than another; not all brands require a symbol, but a well-constructed symbol is an identity element that can make the brand recognizable and unique.

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