Raids in Dragonflight Update for World of Warcraft

Raids in Dragonflight Update for World of Warcraft

In each new update in World of Warcraft, the developers from Blizzard Entertainment are trying to develop a common history for the entire world of Azeroth and closely weave new ideas into the narrative for all lovers of studying the history of the entire WoW world and preserving logic.

Raids play one of the most important roles in MMO RPGs, and World of Warcraft is no exception – this is a great opportunity to combine interesting gameplay with the chance to get the rarest items and pieces of equipment that are often impossible or very difficult to get in any other way.

Each major update releases a new raid after some time to master new content, which reveals the essence of the new add-on and presents players with new rewards and, in fact, gameplay.

Now, for the current update, the second raid, called Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible, has already been announced and has begun to be released to players. As in the major raids of the Shadowlands update, the new dungeon will be opened to all players gradually, over several weeks, giving players access to new zones and bosses with special rewards.

You need to prepare for raids, especially those that have just been announced, or will receive outputs of individual blocks, and there are some tips on how to increase the chance of passing the raid, and not waste your time.

  1. Carefully analyze the battle group that you join before going on a raid – a very common cause of defeat is an incorrectly formed group with an advantage in damage with a victim in tanks and healers, or vice versa – a lot of supports, but no one to deal damage to. It’s funny, but often any player can intuitively understand whether the group will succeed in the raid or not, but still can give the squad a chance, instead of just looking for allies somewhere else and spending a little more time searching, but less and more successfully conduct the raid.
  2. Gather a group yourself – of course, at the initial stages of your development of a game project, you can worry and avoid this responsibility, but if you try this experience at least once, you will understand that along with responsibility you get both stability and greater chances of success than trusting others leaders and gatherings.
  3. Ask for help and boost. The disadvantage of any group trip – even if successful, and this is not always the case – you share all the experience and drop with other players. For example, getting an aberrus raid carry from the Skycoach service – a new raid in the Dragonflight update will provide an opportunity to get one of the first achievements and a key reward that can be knocked out of this raid in available blocks. The service guarantees the passage of the raid in 100% of attempts, assistance and clear guidance when choosing the format of joining a group, and anonymity and safety of personal data when choosing the format of transferring an account to complete the raid without the participation of the client. The customer himself monitors the status of the order on the Skycoach website in real time.
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Types of raids in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Every major and important raid, and Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible is no exception, has several levels of difficulty, each of which is unlocked as you progress through the previous difficulty level.

There are three levels in total:

  • Ordinary
  • Heroic
  • Mythic


A basic raid that reveals to the players the main mechanics of the boss, his retinue and key skills.

Despite the fact that the boss uses the same attack mechanics at all difficulty levels, plus or minus the same attack mechanics, only the speed, intensity and overall damage and the error cost of any player who is in the group change.

In general, this is an ordinary raid, which often does not cause problems for most groups, except for those who do not understand the principle of forming a squad for passing at all – we will touch on this topic separately.

The normal difficulty level allows players to make significant mistakes and make mistakes and still not fail in the raid. In the future, of course, such errors will be punished and severely.

In general – a regular raid is an introductory tour that shows the basic mechanics, how the boss and his retinue skills work, and prepares players for more complex versions of the dungeon.


The heroic version of the raid is more complex – it requires more people to participate and at the same time complicates the main mechanics of the dungeon chapter.

The boss will get more health, increased attack, and more resistances and defenses against most skills and attacks to make it harder to farm and extend the raid time.

The main task of the heroic version of the raid is to be an intermediate stage, preparing players for the most difficult format and at the same time not increasing the difficulty level much from the basic one, but also not forgetting about rewarding players.

It is in heroic raids that equipment of higher quality and stronger by several tens of points is obtained, unlike the basic raid.

The selection of the group plays a more important role, since there is not only the interaction of players among themselves, but also entire teams that must not only deal damage to the boss, protect their supports and destroy the entire retinue of the boss, removing the load from tanks and healers.


The most difficult, but at the same time interesting and profitable raid format, in which several groups compete with the boss for the right to get loot, unique achievements and almost the best equipment that you can get in the World of Warcraft at the moment.

Mythic raids are the most valuable and sought after due to their rewards, but at the same time they are also the most difficult due to overclocked boss mechanics. Skills cooldown faster, damage is stronger and deadlier. If in normal versions you could miss several important attacks and not cause the raid to lose, then in the mythical version you will have every chance to achieve this and destroy everyone.

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Group formation

The most important thing in any raid is that you must have tanks. Their absence will quickly affect the battle, when the first attacks of the boss and his retinue will fall on your advanced heroes.

The healer must be and is in the middle position, between melee and ranged heroes, in order to be able to react and heal them all in time and at the same time maintain mobility to move from the boss’s attacks to get closer, or vice versa, depending on the type of skill that is currently used.

You should have fighters for physical damage to the boss and mass AoE heroes to deal with the retinue.

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