RPA Tool – 6 Strategic Sectors To Implement It

RPA Tool – 6 Strategic Sectors To Implement It

Usually, it is believed that the RPA tool is a technology that only applies to large companies and specific sectors. However, Process Automation is not limited since it is software parameterized according to each business’s particular needs.

RPA Tool For The Public Sector

The City Council of a small town works daily, with numerous written documentation. It has begun to digitize it to streamline the management of citizen procedures and unify everything in the cloud and reduce the physical space it occupies.

This information is being computerized in PDF format and, now, the need arises to transfer specific data found in it to Microsoft Excel tables. Until now, they were doing it by hand, and, far from reducing time, this task had become tedious and repetitive. The City Council was facing budget problems since this process consumed, in addition to time, many resources (staff and computer equipment).

The implementation of RPA in this department solved all these problems: the software was parameterized so that, once a day, it would recognize all the new documents in the system, extract the necessary data and complete it in Excel. With the RPA tool, this process was automated, the processing, management, and solution of citizen requests were streamlined, increasing the level of satisfaction of employees and users. In addition to this operation, the corresponding department receives monthly reports summarizing the metrics, such as incidents, time values ​​, and resources.

RPA Tool For The Health And Pharma sector

A company produces instruments that are used in the laboratory by different researchers. Your IT department is overwhelmed with the many reports you have to make throughout the working day, as well as the monthly and annual reports required by your business partners. Making calculations, they realized that they had to make about 20 reports a day and more than 50 at the end of each month, from production, resources, etc.

The IT department got together and decided to introduce Robotic Process Automation in their line of work. Thanks to this decision, the reports are made during non-productive hours, usually during the night, so the employees optimize their work position and save costs and time.

RPA Technology For The Utilities Sector

Businesses that manage the production and distribution of energy resources need a tool capable of measuring and monitoring the values ​​of critical energy control systems, such as pressure and temperature. All the data collected during this process is necessary in case of an audit for errors made and to avoid accidents.

Usually, this large amount of data is managed by several operators who, every day, must collect, compress and file within their user login. In addition to being a tedious task in which mistakes can easily be made, loss of information, for example, consumed a considerable part of the working day of these employees.

After analyzing this situation, Process Automation with the RPA tool is the best solution to solve this workflow. It frees workers for more important maintenance tasks and reduces errors to more than half. On the other hand, RPA robots can generate a recovery file of all the information, that is, a backup, thus improving its security level.

RPA Software For The Retail Sector

A frozen food supplier company generates many processing and shipping orders from all its customers: supermarkets, hotels, and restaurants, among others. With the RPA bots, the sending of requests and the output documentation, as well as the generation of invoices, are tasks that are no longer performed by the staff, which is why the output times of the products have been streamlined, offering an improvement in the quality of customer service. In addition to this process, RPA automation was installed in the warehouse to control inventory levels in real-time.

RPA For Companies In The Hotel Sector

The IT department of a hotel company had a manually programmed code to manage employee payroll, another for supplier invoices, and yet another for fund transactions to different company accounts. The code had to be reviewed from time to time, and it was worked on almost daily since it was recurrent that it needed improvements and new parameterizations. The IT department had a small team dedicated almost exclusively to this work, which made it necessary to organize the department’s work every week to avoid delays in other orders.

After collecting all the information from this process, the employees presented a project to implement RPA in this area. With automation, they could free themselves from this tedious activity since the RPA bot creates a file with the information, encrypts it, and virtually connects it to the different accounts and banks. Payment processing is no longer an IT task but an automated process for the Accounting department.

RPA Tool For The Tourism And Leisure Sector

The Customer Service department is one of the most daily jobs in the Tourism and Leisure sector. They receive many calls and emails generally managed by a work team exclusively dedicated to it.

This generated a backlog of customer requests, with the consequent discomfort and increasing pressure on employees. The robotization of processes can create a fluid work chain in which an appeal could be resolved the moment it is received. Thus, when a request arrives, the first robot filters it to go to the corresponding person who will give it a solution. Meanwhile, the agent receives complete information, speeding up service and increasing customer satisfaction.

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