Samsung Galaxy A70: A Really Great Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A70: A Really Great Smartphone

The large smartphone with a 6.7-inch display is a good bit. Fortunately, the manufacturer harmonized it by adding a large battery. And as a bonus, it supports fast charging with a power of 25 W.

The super-fast charger is included in the package. A 4500 mAh battery is also required. Both ends are USB-C. Gradually, smartphones are being added, which have a double-sided USB-C cable in the package. There is a small semicircular cutout on the front of the display for the front camera. The display is really large and you won’t even notice this small cutout. The display is of the Super AMOLED type and is very nice and bright. Exactly as you know it from smartphones of this brand.

It holds well in the hand and the back cover is not as slippery as with other smartphones. We appreciate this especially from a practical point of view. When you leave it on your pants, it doesn’t fall as often. The body is classic, so the manufacturer also left an audio connector on the bottom edge. The three vertically positioned cameras are largely embedded in the body. Only a very small part extends outwards, so the phone does not swing when operated on a table.

The fingerprint reader is directly on the display. She would please us more on the back. The question is whether it would be faster, but the ultrasound reader in the display is not very fast, in addition, it is necessary to point your finger exactly at the designated place. You can use face recognition. This is not bad at all compared to using a reader and we consider it fast. Not as fast as the Galaxy S10, but still comfortable.

Photography has almost identical capabilities to other Galaxy smartphones. The night mode is not yet implemented as in the S10 series. The question is whether it will be at all. Otherwise, the nimble smartphone lags a bit when taking pictures. Focusing is slower in darker conditions. When taking photos, there is a great resemblance to photos from the Galaxy A50. They will differ in detail at maximum magnification. Some photos were less “colored”. This is something that Samsung strongly prefers on flagships, although this reduces the reality of a particular photo. Overall, we were satisfied with the dark photos. There is a minimum of noise and you will usually see it when you enlarge the photo.

For widescreen, you should consider rounding the edges of the scenes. This will not hinder many, but the effect seems strong to us. Well, there’s a 123 ° lens and it’s recognizable. Also, a different color rendering of a single scene shot in normal and wide mode is evident. There’s intelligent scene recognition. It’s pretty accurate, but we’ve been able to confuse it with a few specific situations or scenes. It also alerts you when someone may be blurred, someone in the photo blinks, or you take a photo in a strong backlight.

Design and construction – 4/5
Hardware equipment – 4/5
Speed – 3/5
Keep holding on – ⅘

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