ROI – Technology A Great Ally To Increase ROI In Marketing And Sales

ROI – Technology A Great Ally To Increase ROI In Marketing And Sales

Techniques for attracting customers to our business have evolved over the years. Now it’s also the brands that are waiting to be found. To adapt to the present new digital dynamic, marketing experts have had to adjust their business activity to online channels and get in touch with centers, creating different strategies with the support of technology to maximize the results of investment in digital marketing.

Return on investment (ROI) is among the foremost essential metrics to live a marketing strategy’s effectiveness. It serves to understand the benefit of investment in marketing and sales and indicates where to continue promoting investments to be profitable in the future. Its calculation is extremely valuable to marketers, as they will make decisions faster by tailoring investments to the foremost efficient campaigns or channels for the business.

When evaluating the ROI in marketing and sales actions, two aspects have to be considered: digital media (lead generation) and human resources (planning and execution of selling stories and getting to results in close sales). To enhance ROI on both components, the key’s technology.

Technology To Optimize Lead Generation

Companies are starting to understand that buyers are omnichannel and buy through the most convenient channel for them. Today’s web channel is the main point of contact with customers and may be essential to distribute traffic to other media. But call centers still play a vital role in sales. Therefore the challenge for several companies is knowing the way to combine contact centers and digital platforms.

In this sense, creating dynamic and personalized pages, placing multiple conversion channels within the landing, or giving immediate attention to hot leads within the contact center, has been shown to extend the Conversion Rate in landing pages. Consistent with a report published in Harvard Business Review, if you are trying to contact the lead 5 minutes after they need to be left their details, there’s ten times less chance of reaching them and, therefore, closing the sale.

Greater Efficiency By Automating Tasks

The goal is to lose as few opportunities as possible and optimize human resource management, automating immediate responses to steer inquiries through omnichannel bots (thus having the ability to attend to a better volume and taking advantage of each opportunity), automating repetitive tasks or employing workflows to streamline the sales funnel. Using display remarketing segmentation strategies on leads that have expressed interest and were contacted but declined the deal within the first instance, it’s possible to recover (effectively close the sale) to twenty of them.

Test Before Investing

Using the A/B Testing tool during the launch of a campaign contributes to improving ROI since it allows you to continue investing only in what has been proven to figure (what call to action to use, what email subject, etc.). If the results of the tests are crossed with the segmentation of audiences, it’s possible to deliver appropriate content for every profile, increasing the chances of a sale.

Most Importantly Employ Comprehensive Sales And Marketing Technology

Using separate tools to execute digital marketing actions and sales makes it impossible to automatically get indicators from the integrated marketing-sales funnel and in real-time. Monitoring both areas separately is time-consuming and reduces efficiency, additionally to the frequent errors which will be introduced when performing manual integration processes.

Having a worldwide technology that integrates the digital marketing and sales operations from end to finish allows us to extract the essential indicators of selling and sales within the same solution and even match the associated operating expenses to get precise metrics of the return on investment. During this way, you’ll obtain KPIs in real-time for every one of the funnel stages from click to sale and make minute-by-minute adjustments in both investments in digital media.


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