How Do We Perform Managed Services Solutions

How Do We Perform Managed Services Solutions

Managed Services MSS (Managed Services Solutions) is an option increasingly utilized in companies. The numbers prove it year after year. consistent with Markets and Markets, the worldwide Managed Services market.

The Values Of Managed Services Proposal

It is an industrialized service that knows the way to combine tools, processes, and other people with a standard goal that’s to make sure the health and performance of our clients’ infrastructures. 

A service that gives different differential values:

  • A Service Everywhere: Our service is performed perfectly no matter where the client’s systems are located: on-premise, SaaS, cloud, hybrid, etc.
  • A Constantly Audited Service: Our Managed Services are subject to continuous audits. These are passed periodically to renew the ISO 9001, ISO 20,000, ISO 27,001, ISO14001, and ENS quality certifications.
  • A Comprehensive Service: We feature service from start to end designed during a modular thanks to adapt it to the service needs of every client. From the management of specific devices, whether physical or virtual, or a service like backup management, complete system infrastructures, communications, or security.
  • A Service With Qualified Technical Resources: In the least levels of service, we’ve certified systems engineers.
  • A Service With The Simplest ITIL v3 Practices: The management and provision of our service are predicated on the simplest practices of ITIL v3, the framework of reference within the management of IT services.

What Are The Most Characteristics Of Our Mss Managed Services Softwares

These are the most features offered by the precise software that we use to administer the Managed Services:

Service Management Software

  • Intuitive interface and centralized console through an impact panel our professionals manage any incident that arises and may know if it’s already being addressed and check the status of the infrastructure in a centralized way.

Monitoring Software

  • Native monitoring our software leverages the customer’s source solution, like a VMware monitoring tool, to enhance monitoring.
  • Intuitive dashboard our solution offers an abstraction layer of technical data so that infrastructure is often monitored more easily. It includes a good sort of filters to customize the configuration to the utmost. Custom filters can even be developed.
  • Performance charts not only can incidents be managed with this software, but studies and performance estimates also can be administered. With the knowledge that these graphs give us, we will check if there has been a traffic spike that has caused a slowdown within the network or analyzes a trend and knows beforehand once we will need more storage.

What Are The Most Added Management Utilities

These are the foremost outstanding added management utilities that we provide to companies to enhance the second level of our Managed Services, like administration and therefore the third level, like evolutionary management:

  • Management of network equipment logs we facilitate the vision of the logs to stay track of them. Above all, we make the administration of Microsoft management logs easier.
  • Daily backup of Cisco equipment configuration’s an application that permits you to simply manage the version history so that no important data for the corporation is ever lost.
  • Daily or monthly management and alerts of system backups it’s an app with a daily record of all infrastructure activity with alerts to instantly detect any incident.

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