The Digital Future How To Prepare For The Challenges Of Digitization

The Digital Future How To Prepare For The Challenges Of Digitization

Companies must adapt to remain competitive and fit for the future, as well as to take advantage of and exploit new growth opportunities and benefits offered by digitization in the company. For that, below, we will highlight and influence key areas of work:

The Scalability Of The Company

It’s about creating new business areas and ideas with the least resistance and the best success rates regardless of the existing business structure. The management must promote a culture of freedom for decision-making and action, linked to taking risks by the staff. Culture rains from top to bottom.

Especially in SME companies, because they do not have large budgets, to be successful it is essential to have constant work monitoring, based for example on a project manager to monitor it, and an agile decision making, so as not to slow progress. The mix of profiles, veterans, and new profiles with a new drive and mentality is also crucial.

Scaling the company is a solution for the future, which requires a new way of thinking as well as a predisposition to reinvent the processes, abandoning the “it was always done this way”. Research and development are perfect complements for this type of organization, such as its management. As in everything that launches the process of “trial – error – learning – testing, etc.” must be assumed as part of the process.

Maintain Institutional Relationships and Create An Ecosystem

Ecosystems are dynamic and therefore promote relationships between different parties that allow creating new added value through flexible and dynamic collaboration models. Many companies may or may not have to manufacture everything themselves, because the best knowledge or differential advantages are lacking at a certain point in the value chain. Acknowledging it is painful, but it also unlocks hidden potential. Trying to do everything only lengthens the “speed to market” and increases the complexity within companies, with the costs that it entails. It is about reducing both through collaboration models.

To be successful, you have to be close to the end customer, just as successful companies do. For this, new technological solutions must be implemented and developed, from eCommerce to other B2C solutions, to connect with end customers, involving all interested parties. The degree to which suppliers, customers, and partners are engaged in the business, abandoning the hermetic model, will be crucial in future business success.

Innovation Beyond The Product And The Use Of Open Business Models

New ways of doing things allow for organizational changes. These changes allow innovation to emerge that even goes beyond the product. Product innovation and partial improvement of existing products are complemented by process innovations, new service development and entirely new business models. Both the contact with the client, as well as the processes and the commercial effort allow an excellent potential for digitization, the lever that changes everything. It is the form of excellence that companies consolidate their competitive advantage and develop technological leadership to be leaders in their sector, providing the most outstanding value to customers, which is always the final goal, offering additional and above all personalized services.

Bring The Future To The Present

The normality of companies is to deal with new questions, demands, developments and challenges every day. Changes have never been so cross-cutting, with such an accentuated impact across the entire organization and departments.

Taking advantage of the exponential growth offered by technologies is crucial to ensure the competitiveness of the company in the digital age. To do this, you have to put the customer at the center and understand what customers demand shortly. The technological future must be on the company’s plan (Predictive Models, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, etc.) to understand them and detect how to integrate them into their structures and processes.

Optimal Digital Infrastructure

Companies are living entities, and the only constant is constant change. IT and infrastructure departments also live under this requirement. The introduction of new technologies, achieving crucial improvements are necessary to take advantage of digitization opportunities in the future. Having different systems connected in a network that communicate with each other to complete the processes is essential, adding the analytical skills at the different levels of the organization to be able to carry out an analysis of the current state of the techniques and continuous systems. It is not only the generation of data but also converting them into useful information for decision making, which is the Dashboards. Sometimes it is more advisable to develop new communication networks from scratch than to “patch” existing systems over and over again.

Reorganization Of The Workplace

Work is more than a workplace, but the place also encourages work. It was evident that workplace trends point towards greater flexibility, autonomy, mobility and above all, digitization. It is not a secret that companies still do not sufficiently implement the use of flexible workplace models, such as teleworking, shared and collaborative service, employees with mobile phones, interactive technologies, etc.

There is the technology that offers an optimal combination of flexibility, real-time connection and collaborative work. You have to take advantage of them. The future of the workplace is defined by an infrastructure oriented towards optimizing time, resources and automation, both in technical and physical terms.

There is irremediable interest in SMEs for the future, but also scepticism towards the comprehensive trends of digitization. Many SMEs are uneasy because they don’t yet know exactly where the journey is headed for their organization, their employees, and their customers. Despite the glimpse of the future, the only certainty is that digitized competitors will replace companies. Thinking fresh in business development and management is more crucial than ever.


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