The Digitized World World of Work Requires A Different Type Of Leadership

The Digitized World World of Work Requires A Different Type Of Leadership

Digitized World Of Work – Employee Management At A Distance

Our society can only be imagined with the digitized world of work. During the Corona Pandemic, personal encounters were severely restricted. So we were forced to learn to appreciate this form of cooperation, which was new for many people. After the initial euphoria, however, doubters are increasingly speaking out. The advantages and disadvantages are now being weighed up. The question of how employee management works at a distance is of particular importance. Executives are particularly challenged now.

Leading Digitally Complements Analog Leading.

Anyone who wants to deal with the topic as a manager should positively see the digitized working world. With it, our repertoire of management tools expands. We have communication options that have been around for a long time. However, their acceptance has increased significantly. Leading digitally complements analog leading, and it does not replace it. Managers are required to develop a good mix of management tools. It should correspond to your leadership personality and be adaptable to the individual situation and the employee.

Management Guidelines For The Digitized World Of Work Avoid Conflicts.

The digitized world of work demands transparent organization from companies and institutions. Consequently, I recommend leadership guidelines, e.g., B. Accessibility, confidentiality, and use of digital communication. This also makes it clear which conversational situations are unsuitable for digital communication. So should, e.g., B., a conflict discussion can be conducted personally? Face-to-face exchanges are also preferable when it comes to very personal employee concerns.

Informal Conversations Serve To Cultivate Relationships.

Face-to-face encounters are essential to ensure that the digitized world of work does not lead to anonymity. After all, personal contact is indispensable for maintaining relationships with employees. I imagine how superiors will meet with their employees in the future, and it will only be about personal matters. Such meetings then have an informal character and are not logged. They serve to promote an appreciative corporate culture.

The Digitized World Of Work Leads To An Increase In Complexity.

Expanding the possibilities of communication means increasing complexity. The digitized world of work requires us to deal with this complexity. Consequently, simplification is the wrong way. Instead, adapting one’s complexity to external complexity is essential. This means using the new communication options in employee management. Regular reflection and feedback discussions support the learning process.

Employee Participation Is Indispensable In Digital Transformation.

With my work as a strategy developer and future shaper, I accompany companies and organizations in change processes. I must ensure that all levels work together to clarify critical issues for the future. This also applies to the digitized world of work. As a result, managers can only make the necessary decisions with their employees. One thing is sure, only with their participation can the design of the digitized world of work succeed.

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