The Future Of Technology After The Pandemic

The Future Of Technology After The Pandemic

Technology Is Always In Constant Evolution And Provides Us With Solutions To Big Problems

As a result of the arrival of the coronavirus in early 2020, we began to be pushed to adopt a new online work model that would allow us to continue providing our products or services to all our clients. Companies worldwide were faced with the need to make a 180º turn and adapt to the situation. The future of technology after the pandemic is here.

According to a study carried out by experts, digital transformation in companies is becoming a fundamental step for the survival and growth of companies. In fact, after the pandemic, 38% of companies have accelerated their digital transformation plans, being those that have been the most reinforced. The recovery from the crisis will be digital, and this will affect all companies. Read on and discover the future of technology and how working in the cloud can boost your business.

Bet On The Cloud And Take Your Company Towards Smart Working

It is clear that COVID-19 has marked a before and after in the future of technology, and that is why it is clear that it will be part of our day-to-day. Cloud technology has become an excellent ally for companies in the wake of the pandemic, and experts believe that cloud computing will be the key to economic recovery. In fact, according to the National Statistics Institute (INE), large corporations have been the pioneers in using cloud technology, as it speeds up the work of employees and internal systems much more.

Almost 70% of managers claim to have carried out, in some way, the digital transformation in their business in response to COVID-19, according to a Salesforce report. The introduction of remote work in most companies caused them to require a shared, flexible and secure workspace. Cloud computing became the ideal setting because it has these three characteristics to suit any business model.

The Power Of Multi-Cloud And Managed Services

Although cloud computing has existed for years, it has not been until now, due to the Coronavirus crisis, when it has gained strength in the business field. However, many organizations still resist adopting this way of working, almost always due to ignorance of what the cloud can bring them or because they think that the migration to this technology is going to be traumatic. Several factors hold organizations back when deciding to work in the cloud.

The first is to think that companies will be linked and conditioned by their cloud service provider and depend on it to carry out any action or expansion of the work system. The second is based on the thought that organizations require specialized personnel to work in the cloud and a significant investment to move their businesses to the cloud. Finally, organizations are not fully aware of the short- and long-term benefits of training their workers in the cloud.

For its part, the multi-cloud is a new solution that allows companies to use and move in several hybrid clouds to meet their daily needs. Having this type of service brings with it a series of benefits for organizations:

  • Cloud Performance Increase
  • Avoid Failures By Having More Than One Cloud
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cost Reduction
  • GDPR

All of these benefits mentioned above can drive business growth. Above all, we must consider the data security factor if you have a trusted IT provider with high-security standards.

IT Security Comes First In The Future Of Technology Protect Your Data In The Cloud

The future of technology after the pandemic has brought us telecommuting, which is here to stay. It should be noted that 60% of companies are suffering 25% more from cyberattacks. These occur because employees work decentralized, with their equipment and without the required security measures. The loss of valuable data for companies is one of the consequences of these attacks and is devastating for business continuity.

In fact, for some time now, cyber attacks have become increasingly aggressive and require more solutions that keep all data 100% secure against possible attacks. For this reason, there are currently few companies that are not in the cloud, as it guarantees a new way of protecting information: the management of company data and its backup copies are paramount.


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