The Importance Of CRM For A Community Manager

The Importance Of CRM For A Community Manager

A CRM is not a simple platform, but rather it is the solution used by startups, small and large companies in order to be able to organize and analyze interactions with customers, detect their needs and tastes in advance, improve profitability, boost sales and create tailor-made campaigns to attract new customers.

The main objective of a CRM is clear: to improve customer relations. Anyway, we can use it in different ways:

  • As a strategy: It is the knowledge about how relationships with clients and potential clients should be managed.
  • As a process: The system a company adopts to nurture and manage those relationships.
  • As Software: A technology product that teams use to record, report, and analyze interactions between the business and users.

Over time, companies began to distance themselves from their customers due to the technologies that have driven online shopping. The growth of advertising and dissemination channels has caused the breaking of the existing connections that marketing and sales had stimulated. That is why the well-known CRM is now used to be able to maintain that relationship with the client , have a close relationship with him, knowing his tastes, his preferences…

Why The Need For The Community Manager For CRM Management

It is well known that Community Managers are essential to manage the presence of companies and/or brands in the media, being the professional profile that builds their online community through social networks as another means of customer service, managing and administering them. to create and maintain stable and reliable relationships with customers, fans and users who show interest in the brand. The main objective of the Community Manager is to improve the visibility of the brand digitally to improve its reputation, expand the community claiming quality and generate web traffic ensuring that it becomes a customer.

This management of the brand that we are talking about must include a set of skills and technical understanding, therefore, the CM (Community Manager) appears as a fundamental piece to spread the image and identity of the brand in the RRSS. And with this, they take responsibility for the reputation through them and the ability to create the community towards the brand, capturing the public and connecting with them.

What Does A Community Manager Do

It develops activities typical of its profession through knowledge of the brand and its identity , as well as of the medium it manages:

  • Make attractive and quality content , it is about making all the brand’s media have content that adds value and is original.
  • Generate engagement with the community , it is essential to generate an emotional bond with users so that they interact with the content that is published. This is the key to an excellent Community Manager.
  • Interact with users (responding, interacting and chatting). You must have response methods for both positive and negative comments, managing moments of crisis quickly and without putting the company at risk.
  • Viralize the content on social networks , knowing the environment and the characteristics of each one of them to adapt the message and know what is the best time to publish.
  • Manage actions such as raffles, promotions, contests, advertising campaigns, actions with influencers, etc. In this way, you can viralize the profile of the company and get more influence on the networks.
  • Get to know your community , which ones have the most active users, influencers that are most related to the brand, etc. These can help us encourage people to buy.

Knowing what a CRM is and at the same time a Community Manager, we would enter the term Social CRM . As a result of the evolution that has arisen in the traditional CRM due to the constant social transformation, new ways of treating data, social networks, platforms and tools appear, which are available for a company to carry out relationship management with its customers. 

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