ERP Security Managed Services To Control Risks

ERP Security Managed Services To Control Risks

Many SMEs and large companies have an ERP to manage their business processes. Cyber-attacks are associated with non-application of security patches and updates, misconfigurations, unauthorized Internet access, external connections, etc. They can cause a natural disaster in the company. Cybercriminals know this and hunt for vulnerabilities and flaws in ERP security. How do you know that you have to update and if there is a new vulnerability in your ERP? It’s time to hire a Managed Service Provider to control risks.

The Human Factor And ERP Security

Yes, the human factor is probably the weakest link, and many factors can cause this security gap:

  • Lack of a strong safety culture
  • The belief that if something works, it is better to leave it as it is
  • An oversight
  • A file opened by mistake
  • Weak passwords
  • Improvised external accesses
  • The fear of an error in the update of your ERP and that the service stops working
  • Existing vulnerabilities in systems to which new ones are usually added are almost always evolutions of existing ones.

Many companies think we are not a multinational. Who is going to know us in China, Russia or Vietnam?(main origins of attacks). But the danger is confirmed when, for example, a user’s computer has been compromised.

Objectives Of Cybercriminals In Attacking Your ERP

The main reasons for exploiting ERP security vulnerabilities and misconfigurations are:

  • Theft of confidential information to sell it to the competition or use it as a means of extortion.
  • Theft of bank data stored and managed by ERPs may cause economic losses for your company or your clients.
  • Theft of personal data.
  • Denial of service will imply a tremendous reputational and economic impact.
  • Infection of devices with Trojans, keyloggers, or even ransomware, can affect business continuity.

Many attacks that occur, and the ERP is the destination, are:

  • Identity theft.
  • Access to ERP data.
  • Request payment orders to suppliers with a modified IBAN account towards the cybercriminal.

Managed Services To Control Risks

We cannot afford to be attacked in these moments of total technological dependence. The availability of business processes is essential. What can we do to combat this threat?

  • Training and awareness of users in cybersecurity
  • Implement a policy/schedule for program updates, server operating systems, and equipment that access data.
  • Backups.
  • Control of access to the Internet, creation of roles, and optimization of passwords.
  • GDPR compliance.
  • Carry out periodic checks of the access routes to our information ( pentesting ).
  • Monitor the ERP
  • Review ERP vulnerabilities and auxiliary services on an ongoing basis.

Have You Considered Hiring A Managed Service Provider To Control ERP Security Risks

Any manufacturer of Hardware or Software continuously corrects, or on-demand, the vulnerabilities that they may have or be discovered. These vulnerabilities are exploited by an attacker who has already gained access to our environment to gain control over systems and hijack our data. For this reason, one of the main tasks of your MSP Provider will be to apply the corresponding security patches to the hardware and software assets that may be compromised.

Through periodic tasks previously studied so as not to affect the functionality or business continuity, the corrections released by the manufacturers are applied, leaving the system immune to known attacks at that time. And why do we say periodic? Because what is safe today and tomorrow is no longer secure.

And how do we know which systems I have to update and if there is a new vulnerability on them? With Managed Services, the latest security fixes are applied, minimizing the impact of an attack. Through the Managed Cybersecurity Services, CiberSOC, company systems are continuously scanned, activating an alert when a vulnerability is discovered that applies to some of the scanned techniques. This triggers a study action to remedy the problem. 

Inforges And Managed Services For ERP SAP Business One

At In forges, we are specialists in the ERP SAP Business One. Our value proposition with our SAP Business One managed services is:

  • Preferential attention: Contractual SLA.
  • Maximize SAP Service availability: 99.x%
  • Minimize impact: Optimize RPTO.
  • Technological evolution: Continuous improvement.
  • SAP Business One is the platform that models and automates the most critical processes of your company. A problem with the availability and performance of this service can cause severe financial and image damage.

Have You Managed Services Why In forges

IT departments often have a love/hate relationship with managed services. They know that having a specialized company in charge of a particular service will relieve their daily workload, but they fear that their job is no longer necessary. The company will end up dispensing with them. The reality is that it is essential to ‘free’ IT professionals from those tasks that do not add direct VALUE to the business to help the Management lead the CHANGE process. Betting on In forges is betting on:

  • Methodology
  • Tools
  • The work team and its specialization
  • The experience
  • Model Maturity


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