The New Underwater WiFi Repeater

The New Underwater WiFi Repeater

A team of specialists from the Saudi Arabian University of Science and Technology has created a revolutionary design that will forever change the standard of communications. Aqua Fi is an underwater wifi repeater capable of sending and receiving data to the surface. Do you want to know how it works? What are its main characteristics? Well, then you shouldn’t miss our entry today.

New Underwater WiFi Technology

Thanks to Aqua Fi, any diver will be able to enjoy all the advantages of the Internet while diving to great depths. This is possible thanks to its combined optical wireless system, which sends LEDs and lasers to the surface to capture the information and send it underwater. The first results of the study have been published in the prestigious IEEE Communications, and at the moment, they are quite encouraging.

The project leader, Basem Shidada, explained that this technology uses 520-nanometer beams of light to send the data. On the one hand, LEDs are very accurate at close range, and their consumption is very low. While on the other hand, the laser increases the communication capacity and the transmission speed, with the only disadvantage of higher energy.

The first tests have been very successful. It has been possible to send files between 2 computers underwater a few meters between them. The transfer reached a speed of 2.11 megabytes per second with a barely noticeable latency of 1 millisecond. Aqua Fi is only a prototype at the moment, although this underwater wifi router is expected to become the new standard for in-depth communication.

Aqua Fi Utilities

The wifi connection is not as effective underwater, so divers cannot send or receive data from the surface with all the guarantees. To communicate in underwater environments, we had to resort to radio signals and other more archaic methods such as acoustic or light signals. They either have a very short range or require a perfect line of sight.

In this sense, one of the great advantages of the wifi repeater is that it will allow us to explore the underwater world in great detail. The images and videos captured on the mobile phone are sent via wifi to a device located in the air tank, which has a minicomputer, like the Raspberry Pi, to transform the files into binary codes that are transported by a beam of light.

As we have seen, these beams can be LEDs or lasers. In the first case, they are used for distances less than 10 meters. At the same time, the laser is very effective for depths that reach 20 meters or more. These light signals reach a photodetector in the hull of a ship, from which we can send the data using the conventional wifi satellite.

Can I Buy It Now

There is no confirmed release date for Aqua Fi to hit the market, but the first news we have received is quite optimistic. The project developers affirm that this is a very economical and precise technology to connect the Internet with the seabed. However, it is still necessary to improve some aspects, such as the reception of the signal or the dispersion of light in the water.

And so far, our post today, in which we talked about Aqua Fi, the first underwater wifi repeater. What do you think of this device? Do you think it is an important first step for the Internet to reach all parts of the world? Do not cut a hair and leave us your impressions in the comments.

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