Looking Back: The Technology Behind Your Timepiece

Looking Back: The Technology Behind Your Timepiece

These magnificent devices have been around us for a long time now. From the classic pocket watch to a mechanical wristwatch to a digital watch. Watches have also been evolving along with the technology, but one thing remained remarkable with these excellent devices for sure. It’s the ability to give its function while giving art life in its exceptional way.

The technology behind some watches is quite complicated. Before, these beautiful watches were mechanical, driven by what they call the clockwork. In our current time, the technology of these watches is very far from before and became even more complicated and or became more high-tech.

Mechanical Watch

The mechanical watch is considered as the oldest yet sophisticated type of watch. A clockwork mechanism runs its technology. Its main engine is the mainspring. This made this watch sophisticated for the reason that the main driver, which is the mainspring, must be wound carefully by hand or by a mechanism called automatic winding.

From the mainspring, the force is transferred through the gears to give power to the balance wheel. This balance wheel is a weighted wheel that swings back and forth at a constant rate. You can see this movement if you remove the back of the watch. Also, this process of transferring force is the reason for the progress of the hands of the clock.

The mechanical watch is also famous or known for its iconic ticking. This ticking is caused by a device inside the watch called escapement. The escapement is also one of the reasons for the movement of the watch’s hands.

Mechanical And Electronic

Some of us are confused about which type of watch they want or like the most. Well, if you’re going to stick the old-school and classic kind of watch, the mechanical type of technology is you. The mechanical technology type of watch requires delicate care since most watches are made carefully by hand. Also, if you like magnificent skeleton watches, these watches are using a mechanical type of technology for watches. Also, visit Jaeger Lecoultre

Although, they say that in terms of providing the time, electronic types of watches are far more accurate. Since the electronic watches are driven by electric voltage force into quartz crystal, giving more controlled and precise energy or power and, as a result, more accurate movement of the watch’s hands.

In total, both types of watch excel in their way. A lot of watches out there possess both qualities. Like this remarkable brand of a watch made from Germany, the Nomos Glashutte. They have these excellent watches that are outstanding both in manual or automatic.


The quartz clock is called quartz for the reason that it uses an electronic oscillator, and it is powered and or regulated by a quartz crystal. This type of technology for watches is considered as one of the most accurate than a mechanical kind of watch. The crystal oscillator of this technology releases or creates a signal with a precise frequency making some form of digital logic that counts this cycle of the signal. As a result, it provides a numeric time display.

Also, in 1927, Warren Marrison and J.W. Horton made the first quartz powered clock. But the first quartz watch was made or unveiled by the company Seiko and Astron in December 1969. Since then, this type of technology for watches is available to everyone.


This type of technology is the most overrated of all, yet it is versatile and useful. The smartwatch and the technology behind it are all-in-all, an AI computer with AR approach, they made it small and wearable. The smartwatch is one of the most revolutionary gadgets of all time. Since it’s a wearable computer, its function does not only focus on timekeeping like the other watch. It can help you in monitoring your activities, the calories you burn, and almost anything.

All of that function is made possible by its software inside acting like an actual computer. It uses digital telling techniques for the time. You can also store some files, or you can synchronize it with another device. It can also serve as a Music player, and for convenience, some smartwatch is Bluetooth ready, and so, you can connect some wireless headsets for less hassle.

The smartwatches use electronic visual displays such as LCD or LED. Some use electronic paper to consume less energy and or power. Unlike the mechanical watch, which is powered by the mainspring, these watches, since they are electronic, are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This made this device quickly loved or liked by the masses for the reason that it is less-complicated where you can charge it, and it has more function than the regular watch.


The watch, whatever type of technology they are using is indeed beneficial for us humans. Not only providing or telling the time but also as a part of our character. Some can be identified by what watch they are wearing, it can be luxurious, or some cheap watch but have sentimental value for you. To sum everything up, knowing the technology behind your watch is somehow essential, for the reason that this will help you understand how to utilize the watch you are using.


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