5 Types of Packaging that Can Go Best for Shipping Supplies

5 Types of Packaging that Can Go Best for Shipping Supplies

Many shipping companies struggle with choosing the right type of packaging for supplies. It takes ages to pick from the variety and package the goods for shipping without being damaged.

Standard cardboard boxes are too mainstream. Now, the shipping companies are packing supplies innovatively. This trend is making them hoped to see the sparks in the customers’ eyes and also expect to get their positive responses too. In fact, many Packaging Machines Importers have shown interest in introducing new packing styles that are suitable for overseas shipping.

Here we have enlisted five types of packaging that you can consider before wrapping goods in ordinary cardboards.

Know These Types of Packaging for Shipping Undamaged Supplies

Shrink Wraps

In case you are looking for an easy to handle packaging method, then shrink wraps are a must for wrapping supplies.
You don’t have to go an extra mile to wrap the supplies. All you have to do is shrink the products that are easier to move.
Moreover, shrink wraps are visually appealing and convenient for the shippers as well. It is the cheapest method plus a reliable way to make your buyers pick undamaged supplies.

Crates and Pallets

Another type of packaging that is most reliable in shipping is the use of crates and palettes. The shipping companies use this as a secondary method to wrap the goods for smooth deliveries.
With using pallets, the products are kept above the surface, which is safer from any damage during delivery. Not only this, but it protects the supplies to come in contact with moisture or dirt.

Vacuum Packaging

If you are shipping food items or even medicines, then vacuum packaging goes best for shipping these supplies.

The type of packaging is mostly preferred for perishable items. It protects the products from being exposed to the moisture and even germs that can become dangerous for health.  

For any company shipping perishable supplies to the buyers, vacuum packaging is the best to meet the business needs. The food and beverage suppliers listed on the Nigerian B2B Marketplace also use vacuum packaging for ensuring the safest shipping to the buyers.

Shock-Proof Packaging

There comes another most interesting type of packaging that you can also consider if you manufacture fragile goods.
Yes, you read it right. Shock-proof packaging is best for fragile shipping supplies. It comprises of shock-absorbing contents that protect the products from being damaged during shipment.
Often the goods break from vibration or even when they come in contact with moisture or dust. This type of packaging has built-in material for letting the companies deliver the supplies safely.
Mostly electronic items and chemical compounds are packaged in the shock-proof material. You can also win the trust of your valued buyers if you own an electrical store and want to ship the goods to the buyers.

Preservation Packaging

Last but not least, preservation packaging is somewhat closer to both vacuum packaging and shrink wraps. Most of the food, medicines, and chemical manufacturers use this type of packaging to ship the goods to their destinations safely.
Why most of the shipping companies prefer preservation packaging? Well, the answer lies in its name already.

Preservation packaging is significant for shipping supplies that can easily damage or change in nature if not kept secure from the atmosphere or even from breakable areas. Bubble wraps are one of the finest types of preservation packaging that is also a favorite thing for the customers to receive in the shipment.
So, the next time you are shipping supplies to the buyers, preservation packaging must be your one of the options to protect the products from any damage.

What’s Your Choice?

Well, this post has highlighted 5 interesting types of packaging that every manufacturing and shipping company be aware of. It is too simple to decide which one to choose for shipping supplies. Just know your products and see the damaging points that can be avoided by one of these packaging methods.
Best pro tip for all the shipping companies is to know the business needs and see where exactly you fit in.

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