Top 5 Programming Languages ​​To Learn In 2022

Top 5 Programming Languages ​​To Learn In 2022

During 2020 and 2021, the technology industry underwent a significant expansion. The demand for expert profiles in multiple fields of technology is increasing at an exponential rate. For this reason, it is essential to know the top 5 programming languages ​​to learn in 2022 if you want to jump-start your career. In this article, we will see a Top 5 Programming Languages ​​to learn in 2022 if you want to jump-start your career and take a programming course.

What Are Programming Languages

They are instructions that programmers write for computers to process commands in “machine language.” These instructions allow you to create and provide solutions to the current problems and needs of people, professionals, institutions, and companies. Thanks to programming, you can automate, optimize and facilitate daily tasks. The programmer, through different languages, ​​can create different applications and programs to provide solutions. Therefore, the labor demand in this field does not stop growing.

Top 5 Programming Languages

Everyone loves lists because of how easy they are to remember and save. So, keep this list well to make the best decision in your training in 2022. Let’s go there. 

1st JavaScript 

It is one of the most used languages ​​today, and it has almost total dominance in the web world. A fundamental part of the MERN, MEAN, MEVN stack, multiple frameworks capable of performing countless functions and beautiful creations. Suitable for front end, back end, full-stack, and even video games, with a relatively low learning curve. An excellent opportunity to start your path. 

2nd Python 

Cross-platform and multi-paradigm language, due to its flexibility, helps beginning programmers to advance relatively more straightforwardly. It has multiple fields of action, from the back end, artificial intelligence, Blockchain, cybersecurity, data analysis, creation of desktop applications, and much more. Learning this language will give you the possibility of great flexibility in the market. 

3rd PHP

One of the most used backend languages ​​in the world today. Various articles mention that at least 50% of the website is built on WordPress, which uses PHP as a fundamental element. Many large companies use this language to create their corporate structure without WordPress, making it a great alternative to start a career as a backend professional. 

4th SQL

What would be of applications and websites without users who could register? How would companies manage many business data with no way to quickly sort and query it? SQL is the language designed to solve this: it is the solution that facilitates the analysis of consumer data, allows control and supervision of sales, access and generates reports from massive databases, and much more. 

5th Go (Golang) 

This programming language is characterized by being open source, it has a relatively low learning curve, and it has a syntax that is easy to write and read and that allows the code to be ordered clearly. It is in great demand in the cloud world, although you will perform in DevOps and even web development roles. Together with its high demand and high salaries, it makes it an excellent option. 

Programming Is For Everyone

In previous years, programmers were filled with stereotypes. But the truth is that programming is available to everyone.

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