Top Video Games Where Human Can Beat AI

Top Video Games Where Human Can Beat AI

Artificial Intelligence, also called AI, is a technology that is changing every industry daily. Since its introduction, automation has occupied the human place. Because it can do the work which ten employees can do. Many industries like Software, Hardware, construction, logistics and gaming have been digitized and are using Artificial intelligence.

Today, let us discuss AI in video games and the revolution it brings to the gaming industry and also the future of video gaming with the involvement of AI.

AI in Video Games

Artificial intelligence (AI) aims to simulate human intelligence. It represents techniques and theories allowing the creation of machines. These machines can be used in several sectors of activity, such as video games. Artificial intelligence in video games was used in its early days to create virtual opponents for strategy games like chess and checkers. But this has come so far now. Now, we are in a stage where we cannot defeat an AI in video gaming.

Even though I had performed and showcased its abilities in many games, In games like chess, which can be called a mind game, the AI can predict the human’s next move to win the Game. Sometimes, it will lose these games too. But it still cannot defeat humans in some games like Racing games and firing games because they cannot predict the human’s next move in the Game. In games like chess, which can be called a mind game, the AI can predict the human’s next move to win the Game. Sometimes, it will lose these games too.

Below, we mentioned some games where we can compete with the AI and beat them.

Video Games Where Human Can Beat AI

Although the AI players are tough competitors in the games mentioned below, we can still defeat them if we play with our full potential and bold moves in the Game. According to ExpressVPN, AI still struggles to beat humans in games where it is necessary to understand chronology, a core element in perception of novelty.

The Last of Us Part II: The Last Part of Us Part 2 is an adventure game developed by Naughty Dog. This Game is released in 2020. In this Game, we must fight human enemies and zombie-like characters with fired arms and weapons.

Dota 2: Data is a multiplayer action-packed computer-based Game which is an online battle game. This Game is a sequel to Defense of the Ancients, normally called DOTA. It is designed by Icefrog. Here in this Game, you can see the player vs player combat.

Red Dead Redemption 2: Released in 2018, Red Dead Redemption 2 is an action-adventure game that Rockstar Games designed. This Game includes fights, robberies, racing and player-to-player interactions. Most of the competitors are AI bots. We have to compete with them to survive and win.

Game Go: This is one of the world’s hardest games and one of the oldest games that originated in China and spread to other countries. These games have complex moves and many combinations. In this Game, AI had to work hard to beat humans. If a pro gamer played with an AI with his full potential, he could beat AI.

Left 4 Dead: This is a shooting-based game which is published by valve. This Game can be played as a group, and we have to fight other creatures with the help of bombs and fired arms.
All the above video games are tough ones. In some of these games, we can win with the help of AI, and sometimes, we have to compete with the strongest AI player to win the games.


Artificial intelligence in video games has undergone great developments, but these are only the beginnings of this IT advance. The machine just beat the human, but artificial intelligence in video games still has a long way to go to reach its true potential.

While AI continues to push the boundaries of gaming capabilities, there are still video games where human players can showcase their skills and triumph over their digital counterparts. The combination of human ingenuity and technological advancements creates an exciting gaming dynamic, where humans and AI have their respective strengths.

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