Uses Of RPA In Banks And Financial Institutions

Uses Of RPA In Banks And Financial Institutions

More and more companies within the banking system depend on robotic process automation (RPA) to extend their efficiency, streamline procedures, strengthen their security, and save costs.

What use cases of RPA in banks and financial institutions are the foremost frequent? Let’s find out how implementing a project of this sort helps this sector realize its business objectives.

The trust placed during this technology responds to the positive results that these companies are obtaining, both within the earnings report and within their staff’s level of satisfaction.

The use of software robots, as a replacement digital workforce, fits perfectly into the characteristics of the activity that’s generated daily during this sector, where large volumes of knowledge are processed, a mess of reports are generated and analyzed, they’re administered audits, and specific regulations must be complied with.

The implementation of RPA projects in banks and financial institutions allows automating many of those business processes efficiently, improving the standard of service, increasing productivity, and everyone this with a significant reduction in costs. One of the keys to this technology’s success within the financial industry is its ability to standardize processes on an outsized scale, strictly complying with current regulations and avoiding fraud.

Ten Most Expected RPA Use Cases Within The Banking System

The impact that process automation has in recent months is thanks to the benefits and functionalities it provides. Let’s check out the RPA use cases in banks and financial institutions that are most frequent.

Customer service

Banks receive multiple inquiries a day, to which they need to respond as quickly as possible. The implementation of an RPA project allows software robots to dedicate themselves to solving rock bottom priority queries, freeing up the professionals during this department to serve customers with preferred questions. This translates into an improvement in customer service since response times are reduced, which positively impacts the standard of this service provided.

Regulatory Compliance

In the banking system, security is essential, not only due to data protection, but because procedures must suit strict regulations. This process of adhering to current standards is additionally supported by RPA technology.

Avoid Fraud

Another task that facilitates the automation of processes is that the monitoring of accounts, a study that also helps to affect possible fraud. If we expect about the number of bank accounts a headquarters has, it’s materially impossible for one person to trace all of them on a day today. The RPA technology itself can do the tracking account activity and report suspicious actions that result in an acceptable professional. In this way, possible fraud, one of the biggest concerns of banks, is avoided.

Loan applications

Another of the RPA use cases in banks focuses on loan applications, another of the frequent activities within the day-to-day of those entities. This process involves multiple steps, like a credit check, background check of the applicant, or fraud verification. To hold out this operation, it’s necessary to collate the knowledge in several systems, a process during which tons of your time must be spent.

Activate Bank Accounts

If there’s something that current customers don’t support, it’s having to attend an extended time at the bank to hold out a procedure, like registering a checking account. Is it possible to quickly and easily perform this operation? The solution is yes because of the functionalities provided by RPA technology.

It is possible to configure an answer capable of processing customer information, performing the acceptable verifications, and configuring the account during a jiffy. Besides being useful, it offers a direct customer experience, since the one that attends you’ll provide you with better attention.

Accounts Payable

This process requires verification of the supplier’s data before proceeding to the invoice payment. With the automation of OCR technology processes, the software robot can read and validate the knowledge instantly and, once this verification is completed, credit the payment to the supplier’s account.

Closing Of Accounts

Management, which will be prolonged in time, is often resolved in hours because of implementing a softbot capable of detecting irregularities within the documentation and sending automatic notifications to remind the client what they have to contribute to the bank.

Mortgage Closing

Closing a mortgage involves a series of checks that, sometimes, hamper the operation. A mistake on the part of the customer or the bank can delay the method by several months. The implementation of software robots allows us to accelerate this and eliminate the bottlenecks that hinder the technique.

Credit Card Activation

It can take weeks for a bank to validate and approve a customer’s MasterCard application. This waiting time can cause discomfort for the customer and even force him to offer up the request. With the assistance of RPA technology, this process is often reduced to hours. The software, consistent with the established parameters, collects the customer’s documents, performs the acceptable checks, and decides whether it’s optimal to receive the Mastercard.

Audits And Reports

Another crucial task for the financial industry is preparing periodic reports to gauge the performance and achievement of objectives. Given the importance of those analyzes, the info must be accurate and free from errors.

In preparing this document, RPA technology also offers practical solutions for banks and financial institutions. Softbots can collect information from various sources, validate it, organize it, and send it to those indicated.

This list of RPA use cases in banks and financial institutions is an example of how robotic process automation can help the financial industry to supply more value, improve customer service and save costs and time in its operations.

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