Virtual Switchboard How Can SMEs Benefit From It

Virtual Switchboard How Can SMEs Benefit From It

The virtual switchboard for SMEs makes it possible to manage all communication processes efficiently and efficiently. Its use makes it possible to increase entrepreneurial productivity, optimize resources and commercial growth. The virtual switchboard is a means of improving the communication of a company. Business communication is a key factor, both for small and medium-sized businesses and larger ones.

Equipping a virtual switchboard also improves internal communication between employees. They can send each other direct messages via an internal chat, call each other via the switchboard, and transfer calls to each other. A fundamental dedicated communication tool. But the virtual switchboard also makes it possible to optimize external communication and customer service: it makes it easy to keep in touch with customers, with the possibility of making free calls anywhere in the world.

Improve Your Corporate Image Thanks To The Virtual Switchboard

Another advantage of the virtual switchboard is improving the corporate image of the companies that use it. Indeed, having a virtual switchboard associated with a fixed number returns a more professional image than a mobile number, for example. opportunity to choose which department or country they want their number to be assigned to. A company located with many customers in France may therefore have the number, even though it is located. Calling a number in their own country or region reassures customers who know that the call will not be overtaxed to them.

Calls via a virtual switchboard can be made and received from a mobile phone, computer, or tablet, always with the same number. When customers call this number, they benefit from all the advantages that a virtual switchboard can offer:

  • Listening to an automatic welcome message.
  • Having information on the company’s schedules.
  • A menu of options allows them to choose what best suits their expectations.

Therefore, the virtual switchboard makes it possible to give a professional image to the company.

The Advantages Of The Virtual Switchboard For SMEs

The virtual switchboard works with WebRTC technology, which increases the number of use opportunities, offering companies significant flexibility in managing calls.

WebRTC technology is open-source software created by Google that enables real-time communication over the Internet. It is the evolution of IP telephony, the most widely used technology for telecommunications services. The fact that the telephone switchboard of an SME works with WebRTC translates into advantages in terms of use, performance, quality, and costs. Here are some of the advantages offered by a virtual switchboard to businesses:

  • The ease of use. There is no need to purchase or install any hardware since it is simply software, and this means that it is pretty easy to set up and use.
  • The mobility. The virtual switchboard is a service that can be used anywhere globally. Indeed, being accessible from any device ( computer, mobile, or tablet ), it is possible to connect wherever you are as soon as you have access to the Internet.
  • The quality. WebRTC being the evolution of IP telephony, this translates into a better quality of communication, which remains stable despite possible network variations or internet connection problems.
  • The many features. The virtual switchboard has features that allow companies to efficiently manage their calls and improve their corporate image: voice messages, options menus, schedules, queues, call recording, etc.

In summary, the virtual switchboard is an ideal communication solution for SMEs. It makes it possible to efficiently manage the company’s telephone calls, improve its image and reduce investment costs while improving the quality of communication.


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