What Are The Solutions For Innovating In Customer Reception Management

What Are The Solutions For Innovating In Customer Reception Management

With the health crisis, the reception management in all establishments open to the public, whether in shops, museums, cinemas, restaurants, or public authorities, has become a real headache! How do you count visitors to ensure that the maximum welcome gauge is not exceeded? How to analyze its crowds to prevent customers from fleeing in front of the queues outside the stores? The good news, publishers and hardware manufacturers are now providing innovative solutions. Let’s discover together the solutions that it is possible to put in place to innovate customer reception management.

Customer Counting Solutions

The new health rules imposed by the Covid force stores to count the number of people entering and leaving their premises to respect the famous “store gauge.” In many shops still, an establishment employee is assigned to this repetitive task with low added value. However, there are now many technological innovations in sensors and solutions for counting people by WiFi or camera.

The installation of cameras equipped with intelligent optical sensors, in particular, allows the brand to receive only the counting information if necessary, or both the counting information and the video streams. This solution makes it possible to make significant savings on server capacity.

It is also possible to install simple sensors whose objective is to count customers in real-time for an even simpler solution. These sensors send information directly to the company and can even alert management if the gauge is exceeded. There are several different types of visitor flow sensors:

  • Infra-red systems that count customers crossing a virtual line;
  • 3D systems that reconstruct a 3D image and offer precise counting even in high traffic;
  • “Heatmap” systems that work with a camera analyze hot and cold areas and provide excellent knowledge of the areas analyzed.

Solutions To Guarantee Social Distancing

Another health measure since the arrival of the covid on the territory is the social distance of one meter between each person. This distancing is particularly difficult to enforce in stores, hence the idea of certain editors and manufacturers to offer a vibrating box. Customers and shop employees are advised to wear this case around their neck or place it in their pocket, and when another case is detected within a meter, sound and vibrations are emitted to warn people who are too close. Many companies have already adopted this solution, particularly in logistics and construction.

Solutions To Smooth The Flow Of Visitors

Customer metering solutions are particularly practical to avoid gauge overruns. But that’s not all, as these tools also provide fundamental analytics related to visitor flows. Indeed, thanks to digital counting methods, retailers can now identify periods of high and low traffic. These analyses can smooth flows by installing a system for booking slots or online appointments. This online reservation system solution represents an effective and efficient way to provide concrete answers and sustainably improve customer reception.

Generally, this solution, generally 100% SaaS, can be deployed quickly and allows establishments open to the public to relieve their services. The flow of visitors is thus better distributed, and queues are reduced. Another solution to smooth the flow of visitors: set up a virtual queue system that also works on the principle of slots. The virtual queue allows the customer to receive an hour of entry or checkout without waiting in a physical queue, where social distancing is more difficult to enforce.

Management Of Attendance, Analyze It To Control It Better

If the global pandemic has pushed publishers and manufacturers to imagine innovative solutions to manage better customer reception, these traffic management solutions have a beneficial effect beyond health measures. The analysis of the flow of visitors in stores or establishments open to the public is, in fact, a fundamental commercial issue since it makes it possible to trace a more profitable customer journey. Human resources are also better able to adapt to flows by properly adjusting employee presence. Finally, in general, the analysis of visitor flows and the implementation of adapted solutions allow better customer reception management and, therefore, better customer satisfaction.

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