What Is Google Optimize And How Does It Work?

What Is Google Optimize And How Does It Work?

Google Optimize is a Google tool that offers companies the ability to build more compelling web pages. Do you want to know what it is for and how to use it?

What Is Google Optimize

Google Optimize is an online testing tool that, connected to a website, allows users to experiment with different versions of its content to find which is the most effective. On a web page, the choice of some elements, such as the title, corporate colors, images or calls to action, can make the difference between a website that achieves good results (conversions, sales.) and one that does not.

Google Optimize was launched with the idea of ​​helping companies obtain information on which elements are the most effective. Doing this allows applying some of the most common types of testing on websites. Through this tool, a user can create different versions of the same page (for example, one that uses stock images and illustrations) and discover which one has achieved the best conversions.

Thus, it is a crucial strategy in creating effective landing pages or a suitable homepage, among other content. The convenience of using this type of testing tool is proven: it is calculated that they allow reaching practical conclusions between 20 and 80% faster than other methods and achieve more accurate results.

How Does Google Optimize Work

In Google Optimize, there are at least two different parts:

  • The editor is the platform from which the different versions of the pages are created.
  • The reporting tool linked to the Google Analytics account allows access to data on this type of experiment.

The steps to follow to create a test include:

  • Create an account on the Google Optimize website
  • Also, download the Google Optimize plugin from the Chrome Web Store.
  • Back on the web page, start creating an “experience.” From here, the user is asked to choose the type of Test he wishes to create, among 3 types:
  1. A / B Test: Two versions of the same content are generated: the original and different ones. These are shown to users following similar parameters.
  2. Multivariate Test: Different elements (titles, images, texts) are taken and combined to create different web page versions.
  3. Redirect Test: Differentiated web page versions are created (with its link).
  • Once you have chosen the type of Test you want to carry out, click on “add variant” and create the different types of web.
  • Finally, to make the different tests appear for users, the user must connect their Google Optimize account with Google Analytics and their website, following the instructions provided by Google in its help portal.

How To Use It In Your Business

In short, Google Optimize is about obtaining information to achieve an effective website at the level of conversions. In other words, it enables more website visitors to take action desired by a business (for example, to make a purchase).

Experimentation and testing are crucial in this area to understand what kind of text, images, and user experience is the most effective way to achieve the objectives of a business. Google Optimize is thus an exciting tool that designers and developers can use to create an effective website for a business.

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