What is SEO?

What is SEO?

SEO search engine optimization are those measures that serve to display a website in the search engines in the top places. The meaning: The range should be increased by SEO, so more visitors should be encouraged to click on the page and look at the offers.

Google founders Larry Page and Sergej Brin owe the fact that SEO plays an extremely important role in online marketing today. They had developed an algorithm by which the relevance of a website is determined based on the links provided.


For search engine optimization, there are specialists such as the SEO agencies all over the world.  These basically have the option of optimizing a page on-page and off-page. One speaks of on-page optimization if the contents of a website are optimized. The content of the page is expanded in terms of its quality, and the formatting and headings of texts are designed to be search engine friendly. The experts also focus on technical aspects such as tags, headers, and internal links.

On the other hand, if search engine optimization Düsseldorf performs an off-page optimization, the corresponding measures take place outside of your own site. For example, links from high-traffic pages that have a good ranking are placed on your own page. Of course, these should be pages that cover a similar topic. Then it is possible that you can position your own page well in a certain area.

How long has there been search engine optimization?

The webmasters had started optimizing websites in the mid-1990s. The reason: At that time, the first search engines had started to catalog the content of the Internet. However, the search engine algorithms were still very susceptible to manipulation and abuse in those years, so that they became increasingly complex in the following years. From the 2000s at the latest, it was no longer possible for a webmaster to significantly influence the ranking of the page itself so that professional search engine optimization was required. This also gives small companies the opportunity to significantly improve their online presence and make optimal use of their advertising budget.

Online marketing is the key to economic success

Websites are one of the most important advertising tools through which companies can acquire new customers. So that the customer visits the site and generates sales there, it must first be found. That in turn is the job of the experts in online marketing, especially in search engine marketing. The goal here is to achieve better visibility on the search engine results lists. In addition to search engine optimization, there is also the option to buy advertisements. However, most users prefer the results from the organic search.

Different forms of online marketing

In addition to the classic measures such as search engine optimization, you have other options for effective online marketing. One of the most important tools should be your own blog. In it, you regularly publish relevant editorial articles, such as product presentations, current trends or background information. In doing so, you ensure that your customers like to visit the site again and again because they receive the corresponding added value.


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