What Value Does The Cloud Technology Bring To My Company?

What Value Does The Cloud Technology Bring To My Company?

When talking about the benefits of Cloud computing, it is done from a practical point of view. What advantages it brings to companies, how it influences efficiency and productivity, how it helps to save costs, and a thousand other aspects that, on paper, make this the ideal solution to maximize profits.

However, talking about the ” value ” provided has nothing to do with cost savings or increases in productivity and efficiency if the cost-benefit differential is not considered.

What does this mean? As a company invests in infrastructure and cloud services, the benefits also grow to a certain point. From that point on, no matter how much you invest (the cost is increased), you will not get growth in profits like the initial one.

A loop of over-provisioning would begin, that is, more services, infrastructure, configurations, applications… than are needed. It seems to oversimplify things, but it is. We can complicate everything we want a Cloud infrastructure not to obtain greater benefits after a certain point. And it is, after that crucial point, when the value provided by the Cloud begins to decrease.

It isn’t easy to always stay optimized in terms of costs vs. benefits. The extremes in cloud computing are highly inefficient. If little is spent on infrastructure, the benefits will not increase as we expected; If you spend too much, at the other extreme, the benefits will not increase accordingly.

This can be understood by looking at organizations that are not optimizing their existing assets because they are forcibly installing emerging solutions that, on paper, would enhance their benefits. Perhaps that extra cost will not compensate in the long term.

This is not to say that you have to flee from complexity, but you have to find the right complexity that enhances the benefits for a certain cost. And that complexity, moreover, can vary (and it does) over time. Complexity is not valuable, nor is it having multiple options to do the same thing.

The IT budgets are changing, and what is a priority today may not be tomorrow. Therefore, any expense made in a certain area that is not optimized may prevent you from investing in other solutions and cloud services that may be needed more, which would provide a much greater benefit for the money spent.

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