3 Benefits Of Using Unikernels And Why It Will Improve Cloud Computing

3 Benefits Of Using Unikernels And Why It Will Improve Cloud Computing

All businesses need a secure space to store private data, communicate within an organization, and easily run applications to improve their company efficiency. What if we told you there was a technology that could help you with all of these processes?

Cloud-based programs or data warehouse have only increased in popularity in recent years, with businesses being able to send and store important data in the ‘cloud’ – an overarching storage space that fends off hackers, quickly runs applications and encrypts important data.

Along with data storage, businesses need another method to save space and run applications without taking up too much energy. Furthermore, business programs need to be protected against potential hackers, containing security measures to help reduce the chances of security breaches.

Let’s see one important facet of technology all businesses should use that is more advantageous than the previously offered cloud-based infrastructure.

What are unikernels and how do they work?

Unikernels are a light application that requires minimal resources, being one single image that contains all of the necessary information to run an application. You can start unikernels almost instantaneously, taking milliseconds to begin, unlike other cloud services that take between 20 and 30 seconds to boot.

Unikernels help to reduce the surface area for potential hackers, lessening the chance of security breaches when it comes to powering up applications. Along with greater security and improved set-up ease, unikernels improve the flexibility and dynamic nature of your cloud services.

So – why are unikernels taking over the world of cloud computing?

The world of cloud computing is competitive at the moment. Every business wants to store its data in a secure location and be able to seamlessly run applications. However, current options like Containers and VMs have potential drawbacks – whereas unikernels combine the positives into one technology.

Let’s see how unikernels can be the wave of the future when it comes to increased security, quicker computing, faster booting, and reduced chance of cyberattacks.

Why unikernels are important for the future

Clouds are typically focused on storing and securing data to prevent breaches and organize information into one, singular space. Cloud-based programs have been improved with the addition of using cloud ‘orchestration’ systems to center the data into one location, helping the cloud adapt to the changing needs of a specific business.

However, until recently, the workloads required by businesses have been increasing and changing – while the cloud has not. Most workloads in the cloud are archaic compared to the application itself, using bulky, heavy-duty, and general-purpose operating systems that slow down the speed of processing speeds.

Instead of slow programs, unikernels use a piece of applications that focuses on an essential service. Unikernels then convert that application into an operating system, helping the software work quickly and powerfully.


Although cloud-based systems have been around for a few years, they are still being perfected. Instead of slow programs with traditional operating systems that bog down the speed and efficiency, unikernels use minimalist approaches to increase the speed, security, and productivity of a business’ data storage and applications.

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