Who is Responsible For my Personal Injuries after an Uber Accident?

Who is Responsible For my Personal Injuries after an Uber Accident?

In today’s time, we have automatic cars and several means of transport, but one popular option is Uber. Taking an Uber is much preferable to driving yourself.

First of all, it saves you from all kinds of stress and secondly you know that your driver will get you to your destination in time. However, your perfect plan gets ruined when the same Uber faces an accident. An unwanted crash leaves you with physical injuries and unforgettable trauma.

You might wonder who is responsible for the crash and who should compensate for your loss. After all, you are the passenger and suffer without any reason. Thus, you deserve compensation and justice.

Who to Blame in an Uber Accident?  

In a crash, the most important thing is to determine which party is at fault. Without finding the culprit, you won’t be able to get compensation. Therefore, you must pursue the matter.

According to the lawyers at The Barnes Firm NY, “Whether your car crash was minor or serious, any injuries sustained in an accident can be painful and costly.” Instead of taking on the stress of expensive treatment, make the party at fault pay up.

With the help of your lawyer, you can determine which of the following parties is liable:

The Uber Driver

If the driver’s negligent behavior resulted in the crash, he should pay. Since the fault is of the driver, you should claim from his insurance. You will need an experienced attorney to handle such matters.

Your attorney will file a complaint and perform the necessary steps to make the driver pay for his mistake.


The drivers in Uber are independent contractors. Thus the company cannot be held responsible for the actions of its drivers. If the driver was present at the time of the crash, he is liable, but not the company.

Still, Uber provides liability insurance for its drivers, given that they were using the application during the accident. Another reason a ridesharing company pays compensation is when the driver’s insurance

isn’t enough.


There could be a third party involved in the incident. Maybe another driver’s negligence caused the mishap. So, he will be the one paying for all the loss.

When blaming the third party, you can claim their insurance. Your attorney will explain all the details on how to carry out the process.

Determining the Liability of a Ride-Sharing Company in Different Scenarios

Deterring liability is a complicated yet integral part of the crash. There is a chance that the driver wasn’t using the application when the crash happened. If this is the scenario, the company will not be liable. The driver pays for all the losses. Even Uber doesn’t take responsibility for off-duty drivers.

However, a driver is not solely accountable for a crash if he logged into the system and was waiting for a ride. In this case, the company might need to pay up. Most companies hesitate in doing so, but Uber has a contingency policy for this.

Similarly, Uber uses their coverage policy if a ride was going on while the crash took place. Uber pays the victim’s compensation money along with property damage and for the underinsured driver.

What Compensation do Victims get?

Laws vary from state to state, so your compensation is decided according to your area. However, if you end up in an Uber crash, you can recover things like:

  • Medical expenses
  • Compensation for pain and suffering
  • Lost wages in case you miss out on work due to your injury
  • Car repair expenses

Uber has policies to determine compensation in various scenarios. The compensation amount will be higher when the ride is on, or the driver is uninsured.

Finding Evidence Against the Negligent Party

You need evidence to make your case strong. It could be in the form of pictures, audio clips, or video recordings. Even police reports, testimonies, and hospital test results can be significant evidence of your car accident.
Therefore, you need to find solid evidence. The evidence and details you provide to your lawyer, help him make a strong case against the accused. With the help of evidence, you can determine who was at fault and whom you need to sue.

Getting an Attorney After a Crash

Your crash will leave you confused and hurt. You won’t be able to make sound decisions. That is why having a layer is a must. The moment you experience a crash, call for help. Once you have gotten medical attention and feel a little better, contact an experienced law firm.

Getting justice isn’t easy. You have to pursue the matter with the right legal team and with a lot of confidence. Asking for compensation is your right. After all, your suffering is no joke. If you hire an appropriate rideshare lawyer, your chances of winning brighten. 

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