What Are The Differences On Premise vs Cloud Computing

What Are The Differences On Premise vs Cloud Computing

Today, several companies by working generate large databases which sometimes become difficult to maintain. From then on, the need for software or an application arises. Thus, two solutions are proposed, which are moreover the most recognized. These are On-Premise and Cloud Computing. To better understand the differences between these two systems, a detailed comparison is presented here!

The On-Premise System

The On-Premise system is a mode that consists of acquiring the software and physically arranging it on a PC or other complex machine. De facto is integrated into the servers of the recipient company. Thus, it facilitates access to employees of the house. These are now able to work easily. Since the program is new to everyone, the editor can perform preliminary settings or initiate users. Using On-Premise for large enterprises requires the purchase of a controller called a license. The company has two options: buy one on behalf of everyone or one per person. Once the acquisition is made, you will then proceed with the optimization, configuration, and installation in the most plausible way.


On-Premise offers multiple advantages that differentiate it from Cloud Computing. There are no additional costs after purchase. You buy once for good and you can enjoy it indefinitely. Control is solely the responsibility of the owner and only he can define his destiny. With this mode, the data is recorded directly on the lines of the entity. Thus, your sensitive data is fully protected. Moreover, the user is the only one to have access to all the information held by the program. This advantage prevents third parties from knowing your professional situation.

Its Disadvantages

Any computer system is bound to have a flaw. For On-Promise, the latter lies mainly in its materialism. Indeed, the receivers must necessarily adapt to the program. In addition, updating and maintenance procedures require a lot of effort. The license is also very expensive even though it must be acquired. This later leads to the general abandonment of the development of software programs.

The Cloud System

The Cloud is a mode of computer processing of the data of a firm or a potential and exploitable online via the Internet. In other words, it is a complex system of servers linked to a common network. It then allows subscribers to share or use software and files remotely. This mode consists of making a kind of online subscription instead of paying for software to be installed on a digital medium for use. The publisher puts the software in an information field and then gives access to customers. It will therefore suffice to establish a connection from the computer through a browser. Therefore, you will need to connect to the Internet.


In contrast, the use of the Cloud is independent of the degree of performance of the devices involved. This is because a management service is running in an outside field. Therefore, the update of the system is the responsibility of the manufacturer and there is no longer a considerable effort to provide. In the beginning, since it is a subscription mode, the costs are cheaper.

Its Disadvantages

As for the limits of the Cloud, the programs cannot function in any way without the provision of an Internet connection. Even if it exists in poor quality, the operation is also not possible. This requires a stable, high-speed, high-quality connection. Furthermore, the use of the tool is compromised if ever the manufacturer no longer works.

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What You Must Remember

These alternatives offer many points of dissimilarity in the sense of the offer. Regarding the first, the price is unique, but high because of the license. It is installed on the customer’s equipment. The optimization process must be performed by the user and requires enough effort. In addition, most of the data is contained in his computer. 

On the other hand, for the second, the software is not made directly available to the customer, but rather on an online server. Thus, it will require a reliable internet connection to access it. The seller is responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information entrusted to him by the company. However, the program is no longer functional if the provider stops exercising.


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