Tricks And Tools To Improve The WIFI Signal At Home Or At Work

Tricks And Tools To Improve The WIFI Signal At Home Or At Work

We are using more and more connected devices both at home and at work. Do you have a good connection that ensures the proper functioning of your computer equipment? What options do you have to improve the WIFI signal at home or at work? Follow these tips and advice and boost your connection with these tools.

How to configure your WIFI network

Before analyzing the intensity of your wireless network or delving into the tools and tricks to improve your WIFI signal, it is essential that you have configured them correctly. Do you know how to do it? Follow these easy steps:

  • Access your router settings. To do this, open your web browser and enter or With which you will access the administrator panel and enter the key and password that your operator has provided or that you will find at the bottom of your router.
  • Before touching anything, you should make a backup of the factory settings. To do this, access the General Options tab (security) or, in Movistar routers, do it in Other functionalities.
  • Update the firmware of your router with the keys that we developed in this post.
  • Inside the administration panel, locate the tab to change the name of your WIFI network and, of course, the access password. Do you know how to generate a secure key? Follow these steps and use these tools.  This option can be found in the Advanced Options tab.
  • Choose the security encryption to protect your WIFI network and bet preferably on WAP or WAP2 to avoid risks or unauthorized access.
  • Once you have completed all these steps, restart your router so that all the changes that have been made are stored and your wireless connection is configured.

Websites to measure the quality of the WIFI signal

Having problems with your Internet connection? Is your WIFI connection interrupted and does not offer you a stable signal? Do you think that you are paying too much and that the conditions contracted with your operator in regards to Internet speed are not met? The first step is to measure the quality and speed of the Internet connection.

Currently you have a good number of pages and free services to check it and, if there are problems, improve the WIFI signal in your home or business.
In all these pages you will be able to carry out the tests you need to know the speed of your Internet connection, the response time (PING), and the data related to the upload and download of data. From the results you obtain, you can discover if you are enjoying the contracted services or if, on the contrary, there are problems and you need to put into practice some of the tips that we offer you to improve the WIFI signal of your home or company.

Tools and applications to analyze and improve the WIFI signal

Along with these pages, there are also tools and applications that help you analyze and improve the WIFI signal in your home or workplace. Among them we can highlight these options:

NetSpot is a WIFI signal analyzer for Windows and Apple devices that allows you to know the signal strength and establishes a ‘heat map’ with the points at which the signal is strongest.
WIFI Analyzer is an application for Windows 10 that is specially designed for home use. You can purchase the free or paid version on the Microsoft page. It is especially useful to select the least saturated channels and, in this way, improve the WIFI signal in your home.
WIFI Explorer if you have an Apple brand computer, this tool will allow you to analyze the wireless signal and locate the least saturated channels so that you can connect to them.

Tricks to improve the WIFI signal in your home or business

If the data that you have obtained in the tests to measure the speed of your Internet connection are not satisfactory, the first advice is that you contact your operator to try to solve the problem. In addition, there are a number of tips and tricks to improve the WIFI signal that can also be very useful 

Change the location of the router

The location of the router is one of the aspects to which we do not usually pay much attention and, however, it can be essential in improving the WIFI signal. If you are having problems with your Internet connection, perhaps it is all because your router is not in the best location in your home or business.

When determining where is the best place for the router, you must take into account, of course, the site from which you work or the points where you connect to the Internet. Usually it is usually placed near these places, but this does not mean that they are the best locations to enjoy a good WIFI signal without cuts in the connection and that it reaches all points in the environment.

If you can choose, opt for a location that is the exact center of your home or workspace, avoid physical obstacles that make it difficult to transmit the WIFI signal, place it in a high place since your router sends the waves down and, of This way, if you put it on the ground you will be losing resources and, finally, it prevents it from being close to other household appliances or devices that could interfere with the signal it sends.

Place the antennas of your router properly

What are the antennas on your router? Obviously they are not there for decoration, but they serve a function and can be useful when it comes to improving the WIFI signal in your home or business. Usually the antennas of the router are usually left in an upright position, although it is not the best arrangement no matter how much we see it in the manufacturers’ photos.

How to place the antennas of the router? The best option is to form a 90-degree angle, that is, one of the antennas vertically and the other horizontally. The explanation is that in this way reception is maximized as the router and devices are on the same plane, in a horizontal case.

With this trick to improve the WIFI signal you will not achieve a spectacular advance, but everything influences and more if we have several devices connected at the same time.

Keep the firmware of your router updated

Just as you keep your devices, programs and applications updated to avoid risks such as cyber-attacks, having your router updated guarantees correct operation and, consequently, good WIFI signal quality.
As a general rule, firmware updates usually occur automatically by the operators. If you want to check that your router is updated, you must manually access its control panel by typing or in your browser. Once you have accessed your router, check the configuration and check if there is any update available.

Choose low saturated channels

Since we are involved in work and have accessed the router’s control panel, one of the main reasons why the WIFI connection fails is because the signal can be transmitted on a channel that is saturated or presents problems for the correct diffusion of the signal. .

Routers usually have 14 channels and signal broadcasting is usually activated automatically, although sometimes a channel change can be the key to improving the WIFI signal without having to call technical service over and over again.

To access the different channels of your router and manually select those that are less saturated, it is necessary to access the configuration panel of your router and, in your WIFI network, select and test the different channels to check which are the least saturated.

Band at 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz?

Until recently, routers only operated in the 2.4 GHz band, but development in recent years has introduced dual-band, and specifically 5 GHz, that you will find in most new generation routers. Do you know the differences between both options on your router?

The 2.4 GHz band is more compatible with most devices, since it is older, and offers a connection with greater coverage at all points in your home or office.
The 5 GHz band (which is usually specified as Plus) offers you less coverage, but a faster connection (it is ideal for streaming or massive data download services).

Amplifiers to improve the WIFI signal

Sometimes due to many changes we make, the location of our home or workplace may not be ideal for the correct transmission from our router. If you have tried everything and do not get results, one option to improve the WIFI signal is the PLC devices. Do you know how they work?

With PLC devices they can carry the WIFI signal from the router to any point in your home or office through the electrical network and, in this way, create a new connection point, however far it is from the router. When configuring a PLC device, you must take these tips into account and choose the model that best suits your needs and economy.
Another option is the WIFI amplifiers, but you should bear in mind that these devices amplify what there is. In other words, they do not serve to improve the WIFI signal, strictly speaking, but to amplify its range, so if the signal quality is poor, it will be amplified under the same conditions.

Bet on mesh routers or Mesh-WIFI

If you have tried everything and do not get the results you are looking for, perhaps the most appropriate thing is to change your router, in this way, improve the WIFI signal of your home or business. When you contract your Internet connection with an operator, you have a router that, in many cases, is not the best option since they are all the same for all clients.

Currently, the trend in routers are those that bet on Mesh-WIFI ( WIFI in mesh ) with which you can improve the WIFI signal significantly and take it to any point in your home or office. In this sense, we are talking about several routers that connect to each other as if it were a single connection point.

There are several options for these mesh routers, one of them is Google WIFI, although there are also other cheaper options that can allow you to improve the WIFI signal significantly.

Do you know any other trick or advice to improve the WIFI signal in your home or business? Please indicate this in the comments section so that we can include it in this post.


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