5 Gadgets to Help you Continue Working During a Power Outage

5 Gadgets to Help you Continue Working During a Power Outage

There are billions of people around the world that work from home. The global pandemic made many people stay at home and do the job remotely, and only those whose job doesn’t allow it continued working in the office or wherever it is needed.

When working from home, you’re the only one responsible for the job done and providing continuous work. In case of a power outage, you’re the only one responsible for it. This is why working remotely means you need to make sure that all needs are met, and you won’t face a problem like this.

Many gadgets are there to help you do the job right. We live in some modern times, and not having electricity from the city lines means nothing anymore. Of course, if we’re talking for short periods. Here are five must-have gadgets to help you continue working in a case like this.

Power Generator

The first, most essential, and a gadget you can’t be without, is the power generator. Some of us work on laptops at home, but others use static desktop computers, and without electricity, they can’t do anything. This is why in case of a power outage, you need a power generator.

The power generator will keep going for hours, or at least until the working day is over. Until then, you’ll have electricity at all times, and you’ll have the crucial gadgets working without a problem. You’ll finish the job and then try to find a power source to recharge the generator.

Extra removal laptop battery

We said that most of us work on laptops from home. Usually, laptops can easily go for a day without recharging. Of course, this all depends on the type of a laptop, but in general, notebooks will handle a power outage without a problem.
All laptops have removable batteries which can be changed, and you can go on forever if you have enough supply. However, sometimes the battery might be running out, and none of us can plan the outage. This is why it’s smart always to have an extra battery in the drawer.

Power bank for your smartphone

Your smartphone will provide the Internet connection you need for communicating with the team and getting the job done. Most desktop computers have no option to get a satellite connection, and laptops are similar. On the other hand, smartphones have a data connection, and you can easily access the Web with them.
Create a Wi-Fi station and share it with the nearby items that you need for work. The Internet Speer might not be spectacular, but it will be just enough to continue working.
Smartphones also have batteries that won’t last forever, and the solution for them is a power bank. This is an external battery that will charge your smartphone to go for an extra run.


A headlamp might be the most underrated item on the list during a power outage. Especially during the winter, when natural light is not so common and days are shorter than nights, you need light to see what you’re doing.
The light from your computer screen is not enough, and having a headlamp will help you do the job easier. You’ll point it on the keyboard, and you’ll always see what you’re typing.

Battery Power Heater

During the winter, power outages mean having a cold room. You can’t work if it is too cold. It doesn’t matter what you do, you’ll need your hands and fingers, and if it’s too cold, they simply won’t move as you want them to.
Get yourself a battery-powered heater that will be enough to cover a room for some time. When you get the job done, you can turn it off and go under a pile of blankets to have it ready if you need it urgently again.


These five items on the list above will help you get through a power outage without having to deal with explaining to the boss why the job isn’t finished. Make sure you get all these and have them stored in the garage. You never know when you might need them.

Author: Anna Bowman – a marketing specialist with a passion for gadgets and new technologies. She currently works from home and enjoys sharing her remote work experiences. She cooperates with many companies including Watters Electrical, engaging in projects on the borderline of technology and ecology.

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