6 Factors That Matter the Most in Website Design for an eCommerce Business

6 Factors That Matter the Most in Website Design for an eCommerce Business

According to a Nashville Business Journal study, the city ranks 39th in the country for the highest number of small businesses. Nashville has more businesses than any metro city in Tennessee. While online marketplaces can be good platforms to sell online, they have plenty of limitations. Having an eCommerce website can make a huge difference in your revenue generation.
Website design is an essential factor in all types of websites, including eCommerce. A good website design can provide a better user experience to customers, ultimately leading to an increase in sales. Here we have discussed six factors that matter most in website design for an eCommerce business.

Appropriate Theme and Platform

When designing an eCommerce website, you have a multitude of options to choose from. You can decide to build a website from scratch or ask an agency to select the best platform like Magento, Joule, WordPress, or Drupal. Make sure you choose the best Nashville web design agency with a  technically capable team that understands online marketing aspects related to website design.

Mobile Responsive

Do you know mobile devices account for 34% of eCommerce sales in the US? The current population of Nashville is approximately 1,249,000. The figures show the importance of having a mobile responsive eCommerce website.
A mobile responsive website would provide a good user experience on any mobile device irrespective of the screen size. The test size is automatically adjusted to help the user view the website correctly. The navigation buttons are re-positioned the way the device is held. The links have enough space around them so that they can be clicked easily.

Quick Load Time

Your eCommerce website should load as fast as possible. Nashville has around 22 Internet service providers, and the average download speed in the city is approximately 120 Mbps. Do you know 53% of Internet users abandon sites if they take more than 3 seconds to load? Even a 2-second delay can increase the abandonment rate to a staggering 87%.
You need to hire the best Nashville web design agency with a digital team that knows how to create a fast loading website. A slow eCommerce website would not only discourage buyers but also affect your search engine rankings adversely. Before you launch your eCommerce website, ask the agency to perform a site loading test to find out load times.

Easy Check-Out Process

According to the Nashville Area of Chamber of commerce, the city is home to 40,000 businesses. The surge in eCommerce activity has forced FedEx Ground to open new storage facilities in the region. In October 2020, FedEx Ground opened a new sortation facility near southeast of downtown Nashville. The sortation facility is expected to have the ability to sort 12,000 packages in an hour.
A recent study conducted by MarketingSherpa shows around 60% of customers abandon shopping carts before checking out. One of the reasons for the high percentage of shopping cart abandonment is the complicated check-out process. An easy solution to this problem is a one-page check-out.
Suppose your customers require having an account to make a purchase. In that case, you need to introduce the account setup page early in the buying process. If you ask the customer to go through the account creation process during check-out, you are more likely to lose the customer and the sale.
The account creation page should have marked fields to avoid confusion. Suppose the customer feels the account creation is a lengthy and tedious process. In that case, he/she is more likely to switch to another website.

Secure Payment Processing

Payment processing is a crucial element of an eCommerce website. The website design should incorporate secure transaction processing technologies to prevent data leaks. Remember, a customer is wary about entering credit card/debit card details due to increased data breaches. You need to use secure online payment gateways to process transactions.
The eCommerce website should also show the website’s secure technologies and certification concerning secure payment processing.

Social Sharing

Social media platforms can play a crucial role in the success of your eCommerce website. It is quite a common trend for Internet users to share useful information with others through social media. The social sharing feature allows customers to recommend the right products to others.

Many leading eCommerce platforms offer back-end tools that allow customers to share links or images of their recent purchases with others in a single click.

These are some important factors one should consider when designing an eCommerce website.

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