Artificial Intelligence From Analysis To Creativity

Artificial Intelligence From Analysis To Creativity

In the coronavirus pandemic, AI technologies and solutions based on their base have increased significantly. If at the beginning of the spread of the infection, accompanied by global business restrictions, most IT projects only froze, a few months later, almost all customers realized that the coronavirus is a new reality of the organization of employees who carry out irreversible changes, commercial, industrial and logistical processes.

Most organizations have switched to remote work mode for their employees and then converted the removed restrictions to mixed mode. Companies are dedicated to digitization and focus on transfer on a practical level. Therefore, customers are more interested in all these products and services that contribute to the development of digitization, including decision-making in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

A Matter Of Trust

Organizations must learn to trust the data obtained. For many people, this is a serious and important topic. Why should we trust the results of work? For two very specific things, experts point out. Artificial intelligence allows companies to increase their competitiveness by adding customer service, sales and marketing positions. The first task is to explain why the model made this or another decision and answer why the data has the greatest impact on the result. 

The second step is to answer the additional question: is a single process possible without human participation, is it not slowed down to verify the working model’s correctness manually? And second, as part of the increase in the confidence metric of the machine learning model, solutions exist and are presented in the market. Also, in several large projects, try to recreate business processes and their optimization under computer control.

Importance Of Innovation

Due to the pandemic and business transformation, new artificial intelligence technologies have come to the fore. In the retail, financial and telecommunications industries, artificial intelligence enables companies to increase their competitiveness by adding customer service, sales and marketing positions.

Recently, there is an integrated digital twin creation in the industry: the system can not only display the current status and history. Still, it can also use flexible and machine learning models to predict those parts of the digital twin. The predictions of those parts of the digital twin have not been strictly described. Due to this hybrid method, good construction of the situation can be done.

Last year, due to the massive development of artificial intelligence algorithms in the retail industry, augmented reality and intersection technology began introducing virtual mirror technology. For example, using a smartphone camera to try on clothes or collecting laundry baskets, as if you were moving inside the store. Some banks immediately announced the creation of virtual assistants.


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