Fundamental Points To Carry Out A Secure Business Digital Transformation

Fundamental Points To Carry Out A Secure Business Digital Transformation

Secure business digital transformation To ensure that the company has total security, now that many of the employees work from home, it is necessary to carry out a digital transformation taking care of and planning a cybersecurity strategy based on six fundamental points: policy, identity, regulatory compliance, automation, prevention, and collaboration.

The first step is not to change any of the company’s policies until all workers are already performing their activity safely from home. Second, you have to have control and identify who is connecting and from where by implementing practices such as multi-factor authentication. 

We continue with a compliance policy that alerts us to any anomaly, which will be investigated. In addition, it is essential to have a scalability system that ensures that it ensures all the operation correctly, and if not, that it can fix it automatically. On the prevention side, you have to make sure that all sessions are recorded and that the entire environment is highly segmented. And finally,

Threat Research at Check Point has carried out an analysis on some of the most relevant attacks of 2021, as well as the trends towards which they are evolving, specifically the double extortion of ransomware, the exploits of the day zero, and supply chain attacks. “Specifically, the cyberattack on Colonial Pipeline, the US company, managed to block its service for a few days.

Which meant that some cities on the east coast were short of gasoline during that period. The origin of this success dates back to 2013 and specifically to a CryptoLocker, which was perhaps the first known extortion, which was aimed at a specific person encrypting their documents and their equipment in particular and whose recovery.

The ransomware double Extortion is one of the most dangerous threats of today and has little to do with its beginnings this June have increased attacks on 524% ransomware. It emerged about a year and a half ago and in the last 12 months, Check Point Research researchers have found that cybercriminals have doubled their incidence globally. 

It is relevant to bear in mind that with the great connectivity that exists in companies as a result of the pandemic, there are many more documents, files, and data that attackers can access and, for this reason, their incursions are capable of getting to do much more damage than in previous years, even requesting very high figures for their rescue in some cases.

This threat is constantly evolving, a new modality has emerged a few months ago, triple extortion ransomware. This modality is capable of not only coercing a company but also its clients, demanding payment from them for not revealing their personal information, thus increasing the damage to those affected.

The different threats that are proliferating worldwide are a real risk for all companies, especially now that the majority of companies are implementing hybrid work formats among their workers. Ransomware techniques do not stop evolving with the sole objective of finding the slightest crack in corporations to be able to penetrate and do as much damage as possible. 

It is paramount that all institutions, corporations, and businesses implement the necessary cybersecurity measures to prevent cybercriminals from succeeding. In addition, it has become essential to involve all employees in this process, since they are the main vector by which to attack a company.

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