What Is Com.Sec.Android.Daemonapp?

What Is Com.Sec.Android.Daemonapp?

Our mobile phones are built with a number of apps and software in the background. Many types of Bloatware and Adware apps will be pre installed in our mobile phones. Generally a lot of us do not know that these types of apps are existing on our mobile devices. Com.Sec.Android.Daemonapp is also one of them. Some of these apps are not useful to our phone, they may drain our battery life and occupy all the storage space. Today in our guide we will discuss this com sec android daemonapp application and where are its uses to our mobile phone.

What Is Com.Sec.Android.Daemonapp?

Com.Sec.Android.Daemonapp is a bloatware that runs and operates in the background of the smartphone. This will come under unified Daemons, there are two types of applications that will run in the background called service apps and Daemon apps. Below is the difference between both these applications

Difference Between Service And Daemon

Service – A service will respond to the requests of the other applications in the mobile and perform some automated tasks.

Daemon – A Daemon does not have any Graphical User Interface [GUI]. it does not respond to the requests of the other applications from the mobile. It is designed to perform some particular tasks at a particular time. This is also called a non-interactive app.

Is Com.Sec.Android.Daemonapp Safe or Not?

Mainly this type of unified daemonapp is present in samsung mobile phones. They will come as inbuilt apps when we buy the mobile. When we suddenly come across these types of unified Daemon applications in our mobile we feel unsafe and think that these are malware or some spy applications.

Actually these apps will not appear on the home screen so we felt suspicious when we found them. But in reality we need not worry about those applications, they are used for the smooth functioning of our mobile phone system.

They do not collect any personal information about us; they just take data from apps like weather and news. Some people may feel that these apps are draining their battery and mobile data.

How To Disable Unified Daemon Apps On Your Mobile?

As Com.Sec.Android.Daemonapp is an in-built application we cannot delete this app from our mobile. Instead of that if you are feeling that this application is draining your battery or mobile data then you can disable it with the help of the below steps.

  • Open your settings in the mobile
  • Go to app manager
  • Now go to all apps.
  • Search for a unified Daemon option and click on it.
  • Now click on the disable option and then click on OK.

That’s it now the application will stop working. You can also delete these applications with the help of routing to computer option from your mobile phone. But it is not necessary, just disabling it can help in stopping the functioning of these apps.


Now we think you have cleared all your doubts about Com.Sec.Android.Daemonapp and why it is inbuilt in our android mobile phones. Though they do not cause any harm or damage to our mobile we may feel insecure if we suddenly see all these apps in our mobile. With this article i think you will have a complete idea about the Daemon apps and service apps which come inbuilt in a mobile and what is their role and functionality in the mobile phone system. So next time when you see a new Bloatware app on your mobile, do not worry, it’s just an inbuilt application for mobile functionality.


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