Quantum Computers And Quantum Mechanics – Is This Our Future?

Quantum Computers And Quantum Mechanics – Is This Our Future?

Are quantum computers our new future? Anyone who has observed technological progress over the last few years or even decades has noticed that many new IT systems used in companies or private use are quickly outdated and, therefore, outdated. Quantum computing and the quantum computers used with it have been discussed for some time. In today’s article, we will show you what quantum computers mean and what opportunities and risks they bring with them.

What Are Quantum Computers?

A quantum computer with a quantum processor is called a “supercomputer” in the IT world. As the name suggests, the built-in processor uses the laws of quantum mechanics or quantum computing.

But What Does That Mean Now?

A typical computer works on the electronic states known to many as the minor units of calculation called “bits,”consisting of zeros and ones. On the other hand, the quantum computer works with the quantum mechanical states. A quantum bit can thus assume many states between these two numbers. This can be compared to a light switch with a dimming function. A standard light switch can only be switched on or off (zero or one). The switch with the dimming function can assume several states in between (quantum technology). This pictorially represented state is called “superposition” in quantum dynamics.

Future of Information Technology: Quantum Mechanics And Quantum Computing

Quantum mechanics has great potential! A quantum computer with the quantum bits it uses is significantly more potent in its processes than a conventional computer. The quantum bits used can be interconnected with other quantum bits. This creates a quantum system that can work out even the most complex calculations, such as climate forecasts, various forecasts, or geo-calculations.

Opportunities of Quantum Mechanics In The Economy

The development of quantum computing in the financial markets is also understandable: Investors rely on the new type of computer on the stock exchange. Around 200 million dollars of venture capital has flowed into start-ups in the industry every year in recent years.

According to the strategy and management consultant BCG, quantum computers should create between 450 and 850 billion dollars in value by 2050. This is to be accomplished through new sales as well as through cost savings created. According to market forecasts, the industry, i.e., the manufacturers of quantum computers, should achieve annual sales of 65 billion dollars by 2030.

Problems And Risks In Quantum Computing

Quantum mechanics still need to be thoroughly researched, and so do quantum computers. Therefore, many assumptions are only theoretical or are based on results and forecasts of prototypes at the current time.

The prototypes of a quantum computer that exist on the market can only maintain the state of “superposition” of the quantum bits for mere milliseconds. The quantum system then decays. The reason for this is the quanta themselves because they have to be highly cooled, must not hit other quanta in the system, and must be isolated from them. This is currently the most significant technical challenge for scientists.

In addition, the programming of quantum computers presents a subsequent problem. There are already quantum computers with more than 2,000 quantum bits, but these have only been programmed for a specific task. It would be like having the fastest computer in the world but only being able to use one function – for example addition of the calculator app.

Where Is The Journey of Quantum Mechanics Going?

Developers are constantly working to advance quantum computing. Therefore, freely programmable quantum bits are first simulated; i.e., the computing power of freely programmable quantum bits is simulated with the help of supercomputers.

The general computing power of computers will increase significantly with quantum mechanics if the research into the algorithm and the technology of quantum technology has been understood and implemented by scientists and developers. With the opportunities and benefits of quantum computing, as with anything, there is a downside! As technology advances, previously undreamt-of risks, dangers, and weak points also arise in this system. These must be recognized by IT security and measures developed for them.

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