Digital Privacy What To Do To Avoid A Cyberattack?

Digital Privacy What To Do To Avoid A Cyberattack?

Did you know that all your information on the internet is registered with the service providers and platforms you use? Yes, because many of them need such data to improve your experience on their social networks and websites. This is how we have become accustomed to providing more and more information about our day-to-day. It should be noted that there is also a counterpart, those who care about their digital privacy. A right that is generally ignored by many cybercriminals, who use said information as a bargaining chip. And thus ensure that their crimes, blackmail and actions can give them a generous amount from the victims. This is why it is increasingly necessary for all Internet users and companies to be aware of cybersecurity measures.

Is Digital Privacy a Right That I Can Demand?

Of course, yes, all your data belongs to you, and although you have a free choice to provide it at the times and situations you consider. This does not mean you can accept any wrongdoing that may expose such information to third parties since the objective of digital privacy is to be aware of how we voluntarily provide said information. Since, in most cases, such information still needs to be eliminated.

Our responsibility is to ensure we take the necessary measures to avoid blackmail, fraud or traps from third parties. To achieve this, we must know what function or action said platform, website or social network would do with our data. To guarantee that none of them can take advantage of it in the future.

On the other hand, we must be alert when we browse the internet since different websites can be deceptive. To do this, we must know those signs that could tell us what is wrong with the website or platforms.

However, the most important thing about this issue is the awareness and action we take in the face of this situation. Since it is not necessary to go through an unfortunate situation to do something. We have to be prepared to prevent and act when the time comes if it happens because some of the most frequent reasons for malware infection are due to a lack of knowledge of good cybersecurity practices.

What Are The Consequences Of Not Taking Care Of Our Digital Privacy?

To better understand the importance of this topic and how it can affect us in the future. Below we will explain some of its main consequences:


One of the main motivations behind the malware is information traffic since they are mainly created to access and manipulate a person’s or company’s private information. This is possible thanks to the internet since it is how hackers access the data of their victims. They usually do this to withhold information, blackmail or commit fraud and thus obtain reasonable amounts of money in exchange for the info.

Information Marketing

One of the main problems that have been unleashed on social networks in recent years is the purpose of data processing. Although they usually use it so that they have a more specific reference to our searches and preferences. Some platforms provide this information to third parties, with few of their users aware of the purpose of the information traffic.

Promotion of cyberbullying and cyberbullying

One of the most unfortunate cases, whether for individuals or companies, is being subjected to a social lesson. When personal data is exposed, in most cases, it intends to damage the victim’s image. And although the person who discloses it does not do anything more than that, given the impact and dissemination on social networks. This usually triggers the attention of the masses, who make comments that negatively affect the person affected, leading them to leave social networks for medium or short periods. In addition to the psychological and emotional damage, such acts can generate in the person.

Activity Tracking

Today mobile phones have many features that allow us to do various tasks. One is to activate the GPS, which helps you reach places and locate yourself in unknown areas. It is also one of the most relevant pieces of information for hackers because they can know the exact location of the victim, their visits to frequent sites and their habits.


Spam is not only annoying but also one of the most subtle ways of sending false information, which leads to a site with malware. To deceive people and obtain permissions, passwords and data of interest. And thus be able to carry out their criminal acts such as identity theft, passwords, and fraud, among others.

How Can I Stay Safe While Browsing The Internet?

Although it is alarming the actions that third parties can do with our private information, this is just the next step that we can avoid as best as possible with the practices that we will mention below:

  • Please read the terms and conditions of the websites and social networks that we visit or with which we are associated.
  • Avoid unifying the information from our various platforms, emails and social networks since they could access information contained in others.
  • Establish contact and accept friend requests from people we know.
  • Configure our social networks so that our information from more people is kept from people within our circle.
  • Clear our browsing history.
  • Evade the provision of private information, such as identifications, passwords, and addresses, among others.
  • Avoid leaving our accounts and profiles open on third-party devices.
  • Turn off the GPS option when not in use to avoid information tracking.


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