Discover How WiFi Marketing Works

Discover How WiFi Marketing Works

In the age of connectivity, businesses with free Internet connections are more attractive. But in addition to this added value that is offered, it has also become a tool to achieve customer conversion. If you do not know how wifi Marketing works, we will tell you what you need to know to start using it today!

What Is WiFi Marketing?

If you have ever had to wait in a foreign airport or have entered an international business chain, it is likely that, at least, you have tried to connect to the network they have available. However, sometimes the process is so complex that it is preferable to abort the mission. On the other hand, there is an Internet connection, but it is only available to employees. 

This free network, when used correctly, is what is known as wifi Marketing. And why is the concept of marketing included in an Internet connection? Well, because in exchange for being able to connect, the user’s data is requested. In this way, these are included in the company’s database and, from that moment, it is included in email marketing campaigns with advertising or relevant information about the company. 

If we compare it with a web page, it is the equivalent of subscriptions to download valuable content or receive a newsletter. That is, a strategy to attract leads. In addition to converting a visitor into a customer, you will obtain information about their profile, which may be helpful in a business study. 

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How WiFi Marketing Works

With its definition clear, let’s now see how wifi Marketing works! The first thing you should do is install two different wifi networks. On the one hand, you will have the one you use in your business, and on the other, the one you are going to offer to your customers. Make sure to give it an easily identifiable name, such as your business. 

For the connection, you can choose different methods, but always try to make it simple and attractive so that the user decides to continue. In addition to a custom form or pin codes, it is also possible to connect with Facebook. Another possibility, which offers you a control panel from which you will see the data of all connected users, and you will interact with them. 

With this last option, you will be able to get hold of a large amount of data of great value, such as the age range, gender, email, or the channel from which they have entered. Whichever method you choose, you will have to design an access portal to add it and make sure that the parameters are adequate so that the connection takes place quickly. 

And what do you achieve with all this information? Well, in addition to expanding your database for the marketing campaigns you carry out, you can segment your audience so that the content you send them is as personalized as possible. On the other hand, you will know the connections of each user, their movements on the web, where they have stopped, etc. 

In short, its advantages are:

  • A better knowledge of your audience.
  • Increasing visits to your website and your business.
  • Giving greater visibility to your products and services with offers that you can customize.


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