The Importance Of Professional Tools For Associations

The Importance Of Professional Tools For Associations

Associations Evolve In A New Framework

Associations have a decisive and appreciated social role. Many associations are recognized as being of general interest. The Equality and Citizenship law, in the process of being passed, also encourages volunteering. Its text provides for giving “to any volunteer the possibility of serving the values ​​of the Republic by engaging, on a voluntary and occasional basis, on projects of general interest”.

In practice, this is reflected at two levels:

  • The creation of an associative engagement leave of six days per year granted to the heads of associations.
  • Increased the number of civic services to promote the development of associations.

Despite Everything, Subsidies Are Becoming Scarce

The State continues to expand its budget cuts. Some associations, viable ten years ago, are now in the hot seat. The profitability is to present a condition sine qua non: the association’s operation needs to cover its costs fixed.

Associations Face A New Context

Whether it is sewing lessons or organized concerts, the association has its only resources to make its model profitable. Its value proposition becomes its bargaining chip. Just as a company must satisfy both its customers and its employees, it is its members and volunteers that the association must take into account.

What Management Solution To Administer Your Association?

Excel: a tool to start but quickly counterproductive. An association very quickly has administrative matters to manage: database, subscriptions, etc. We generally start with Excel files, but the tool is frozen. Working with several people simultaneously increases the number of duplicate versions and requires spending time bringing them together. The risk of data loss is real. The association needs a collaborative tool capable of circulating and synchronizing shared information.

Adapted Online Solutions

SaaS software – Software As A Service – Has the benefit of being accessible from anywhere at any time. Stored in the Cloud, they update continuously. A tool is a management software dedicated to associations. It provides you with an online registration module connected to your accounting monitoring. The tool automates the entry of entries. On the CRM side – Customer Relationship Management – a workflow system makes it possible to set up reminder emails: for example, 30 days before the membership end date to offer to renew it. The directory and the database increment and synchronize automatically.

Lighten the administrative burden to refocus on the expected project. Volunteers get involved in their free time. We must preserve their motivation. By reducing the administrative burden, you facilitate the functioning of the association. The tasks, easier to distribute, weigh less on everyone. The project, a genuine shared interest, continues to be fed and enriched.

Dynamic Tools To Adapt To Your Association Life

Operation in line with the new expectations of your members. Your members are also to be pampered. However, they were used to smooth operations. If to join, you impose a day and a time to come in line. You will lose a good part of it. Today, the interest of the Internet is in particular to avoid this type of complication. Memberships are made online through the payment system, which can be linked to the website directly.

A Professional And Lively Internet Presence

Having a site is good. Keeping it alive is better. The association must regularly update its communication. To create this dynamic, the site must be easy to learn and update so that each member of the association can upload content, renew the news page, post a message, etc. This is why CMS-type website creation software is essential. , no technical skills are required. The creation and management of the site are easy and intuitive. A beautiful website can make a difference to your members!

A Panel Of Modules Specific To Your Activity

Tools dedicated to associations have different specific applications. The “Donations” module, for example, provides for the receipt of these donations by automatically generating the tax receipts in return. The “Events” application is used to promote an event. You configure the number of places on sale, create a distinction between member and external prices. With the “Communication” module, you automatically send emails or newsletters. You set up the same tools as in a company to retain your members.

This panel of modules available in the application will then meet many needs and particularities within your association. Protect your association from “red tape”! The more the administration takes over, the more you will lose your volunteers. Yet it is they on whom everything rests. Conversely, a good dynamic will earn you new memberships. Dedicated marketing tools provide the layer of professionalization necessary for associative work. This approach is essential today to make your project sustainable.

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