Employer Brand – Why And How To Develop It?

Employer Brand – Why And How To Develop It?

The employer brand is one of the subjects on which to communicate. Our decryption and advice are in this article.

The Employer Brand: What Is It?

Definition of The Employer Brand

The notion of employer brand refers to many criteria specific to the company. Indeed, it is about the identity, the culture, even the values ​​company’s values, the employee brand is an important element of human resources.” Indeed, the employer brand plays a decisive role in recruitment, the development of employees, and the overall reputation of the company.

Return an authentic and realistic image in its communication to engage its collaborators. Who knows? One of your future work colleagues is surely in the network of one of your collaborators. For this, it is essential to use an internal communication strategy as well as an external one.

To develop the employer brand, the company needs to highlight its main strengths and, in particular, the well-being of its employees.

Why Develop This Business Strategy?

With the development of digital and new technologies, companies must communicate the employer brand. In addition, new generations are increasingly attentive to what a particular company represents and its image online. Indeed, talents are now looking for “The Place To Be.”
We also return to QVT, an essential concept associated with the employer brand. As you will have understood, the company’s bad reputation could tarnish the employer’s image.
Thus, with each communication, it is important to think of the customers but also of the collaborators and potential candidates that your company would likely attract within its teams. This boosts your employer image, an essential characteristic for attracting talent. However, note that a good employer brand is not just about best practices when recruiting. Indeed, once you have succeeded in attracting talent to your ranks, you must succeed in retaining them. Moreover, we are talking about the “employer brand” and not the “recruiter brand.”

How To Make The Company More Attractive?

There are many strategies and techniques to implement to develop an attractive employer brand! If these are all applied optimally, then see the positive spin-offs and possible candidates arriving.

Social benefits: an effective lever for the attractiveness of the company

What could be more attractive than a company offering its employees meal vouchers? When two similar offers catch a candidate’s attention, what can convince him to join your company is the criterion of well-being at work. The favorite advantage of French collaborators is that the meal voucher has many arguments, especially if you choose Ticket Restaurant Edenred, the leading solution in the meal voucher market!

However, social benefits are not limited to meal vouchers. Indeed, some companies also offer gift certificates or even CESU titles to facilitate employees’ work/personal life balance.

Convey authentic values ​​to the company.

Yes, you should know that one of the main criteria for an employee looking for a job is a match between his values ​​and those demonstrated by the company. Moreover, this is an integral part of what is called the culture of the company.

Example: to communicate on the well-being at work of employees in your company, provide concrete evidence and share employee experiences.

Employees: the company’s best ambassadors

Indeed, to make your company known to your potential candidates, there is nothing better than communicating your employer brand! Your current employees will promote it and communicate it around them, be careful… guaranteed result.

For this, internal company platforms make sharing content accessible to all employees, who can re-share it with their network outside the company.

Communication: an essential element for top recruitment

It is honoring your employer’s promise to make it a subject of communication. Moreover, by doing this, you considerably increase your chances of attracting the best talent. Thus, the quality of your recruitment will be boosted and the company’s image at the same time!

The employer is always looking to the future.

As you will have understood, the employer brand is THE way to attract talent within the company. As such, be aware that 70% of millennials use social networks to measure the quality of an employer brand, against 58% for Generation X and 50% for boomers. The generations that follow will certainly be even more searching for information via this channel! Therefore, it is crucial to adapt your employer’s brand strategy to communicate with new generations via relevant channels, promoting arguments that correspond to their concerns.

Conquer Potential Candidates And Current Employees.

There are many channels to disseminate information to develop attractiveness.

To unearth certain talents, internal and external communications must be in line. Employers often neglect external communication, which is as essential as internal communication when it comes to the employer brand. For this, a digital strategy worthy of the name and in the image of the company can be developed via, among other things:

An attractive and quality website

This is the perfect place to communicate the employer brand. Indeed, the website remains one of the first means of contact between the company and the candidate. It is, therefore, preferable to build its interface properly, including all the essential information on a specific and dedicated page.

A presence on social networks

We told you about it above. Have you ever thought about communicating about your employer brand on social networks? It would be a great idea for your employer image to get started. Undoubtedly, the content offered by your company will convince the ideal candidate. Indeed, is it conceivable that a company in full development is absent these days? If only to manage the company’s reputation online, this is essential!

But then, how to support this online presence?

Analyze your brand and its target.

Indeed, some social networks are more or less preferred to reach an audience that may feel concerned or be sensitive to your speech.

Instagram is a virtual platform, especially for improving your brand image.

Depending on the target, it may be very relevant for the brand to be present on LinkedIn. Companies are swarming on this platform, and potential candidates are likely hiding there! In addition, LinkedIn not only serves as a social network on which to develop the employer brand, but it is also a recruitment platform that is gaining importance daily. A good hearer.

TikTok is THE social network at the service of content virality. Don’t get me wrong, this is certainly invested massively by the younger generations, but all age categories are now present. Indeed, what better idea than to attract candidates via video format? Plus, it can be a great way to improve company visibility and post employer branding content!


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