Guide To Get Free Chegg Answers In 2023

Guide To Get Free Chegg Answers In 2023

If you are looking for how to get Free Chegg Answers then you are at a right place, here we will guide you on how we can get Free Chegg Answers. Chegg is an online educational platform from where students can get answers to various types of questions. Nowadays online education and elearning has become an essential part in every student and teacher’s life. Digitalization of education is also important for all educational institutions to prepare their students well and accurately.

When the world was hit by covid pandemic the education system was hit and taken a step backward due to lockdowns and quarantines maintained by different countries. This made all educational institutions closed and the students and teachers remained at home itself. Many online educational platforms have played a major part in students education, among them Chegg is the one. Today here in our article let us know how to use the Chegg and how to Get Free Chegg Answers for this online educational platform.

What Exactly Is Chegg?

Chegg is a California based largest online educational platform which has more than 350 millions of students registered in their database. Chegg provides answers to various subjects like mathematics, physics and chemistry. They can also provide the solution to various tough questions posed by the students. Not only students teachers can also register in chegg to provide online classes and tuitions to the students. Not only Free Chegg Answers it also provides a great assistance to students like helping in their homeworks and providing internships to students. They also offer scholarships to all the students across the world. Chegg offers Exam preparations and practice, writing and citations.

This online education portal is very useful for the students who are shy and cannot ask questions to their teachers to clarify their doubts. They can use this easily and clear their doubts in various subjects.

How To Get Free Chegg Answers

If you are using the chegg website and do not know how to get Free Chegg Answers then you can follow the below mentioned Methods.

Method 1: Chegg Free Trial Accounts

Chegg provides you an opportunity to have a trial with a free account with all premium benefits. So if you are looking for Free Chegg Answers then better create an account and Chegg platform and choose the free trial option. This trial option will work for almost 4 weeks. During these 4 weeks you can get every answer from chegg freely without paying money.  You just need to enter your question. That’s it, chegg will provide you with the answer. Free trial account has more than 25 millions of answers and step by step solutions for all the questions.

Method 2: By Telegram

Telegram is also another option if you are looking for Free Chegg Answers without paying money or taking subscriptions. Mostly telegram is used to watch newly released movies or TV Series but if you use this platform properly you can get educational benefits. There are many groups in telegram which provide you Free Chegg Answers to your questions. You have to join that group and simply copy and paste the question to which you need an answer. The admins or someone in the group will give a complete answer with step by step procedure. If you do not get any reply then you need to find another group and paste the question in that.

Method 3: Free Chegg Answers By Reddit


Reddit is the most used platform across the world, it is an American website. From reddit also we can get free chegg answers. You have to follow the below process

  • Open the reddit website and create an account if you do not have one.
  • Now login into your reddit account with the help of username and password.
  • Now you are logged into your reddit account.
  • Go to search bar and type chegg answers.
  • Now you will get groups with more than 1 lakh people.
  • Join those groups. You can ask any question in that group, you will get free answers.

Method 4: By Discord

Discord also provides Free Chegg Answers similar to Reddit and Telegram. You can follow the below steps simply to get the chegg answers.

  • Go to the discord website and open an account on that website.
  • Now you can look for study groups on Discord
  • Join in one of the Chegg answers groups.
  • Ask any question in that group, you will get the answers quickly.

Method 5: Get Free Chegg Answers Through Free Chegg Accounts

There are many third party websites where we can get Free Chegg accounts. They will provide the username and password of various accounts freely. You can do a search on the internet and find a website that provides free chegg accounts. After discovering a chegg account you need to login with the help of username and password. Now you will be able to access the complete chegg website with all benefits.

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Alternatives To Chegg

There are many alternatives to chegg websites. Below are some of them from which you can find Free Chegg answers

  • Quizlet
  • Course Hero
  • OneClass
  • Textsheet
  • PaperCoach
  • Crazyforstudy

Is Chegg Free?

Chegg is not free. Students or teachers need to take subscriptions of different tools that are provided by the Chegg website.

  • Chegg study tool – $14.99 per month
  • Chegg Math solver – $9.95 per month
  • Chegg writing – $9.95 per month

If you want a complete package from chegg with all the benefits then you can choose the study package that costs $19.95 per month.


Now you are all aware of what is chegg and why it is used. For the students who cannot buy the subscriptions of chegg, we provided them with some methods to access Free Chegg Answers of various subjects including math, social, physics and chemistry. Chegg is not only for students this can also be useful for high school students and college level students for finding answers to various questions. There are many portals and websites which provide the same services and features that chegg provides to its students, based on your requirements and budget you can choose the best one.


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