How to do a reverse phone lookup

How to do a reverse phone lookup

A reverse phone lookup is a process of finding out the registered owner of a phone number. Whether you seem to have the same person contacting you regularly or your partner has a number in his phone that you don’t recognize, getting a reverse phone lookup can help answer who’s on the other end of the line.

Here’s how to quickly perform a reverse phone lookup:

Find a Reputable Background Check Website

Many websites may offer reverse phone lookups, but if accuracy is important, you’re going to want a reputable platform. Certain sites like offer reverse phone lookups, while other background check websites will only offer general information.

Make sure to check online reviews about the company before purchasing, and always read the terms of service of the website. Once you’ve found a platform, you’re almost done!

Enter the phone number

Before purchasing a reverse phone lookup, it’s always a good idea to double-check the digits. The last thing you want is an inaccurate result, especially if you’re trying to determine a number in your partner’s history.

Follow the prompts on the website, entering the phone number and payment details. Once you’ve run the scan, the results should show in real-time (or within a few minutes). Make sure you screenshot or save the final report, as you may want to use this information later.

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Determine how to handle the result

If you’re looking up a phone number that shows on your phone, determining how to proceed is important. If it’s someone you’d like to remain in contact with, simply enter the name and number into your phone as a contact. For contacts that you’d like to avoid, go under the call history settings, and block the phone number. This will prevent them from reaching out further, although they may be able to leave voicemail messages.

For a partner’s phone, knowing who is calling them may not give you a lot of insight into the content of their relationship. Normally, friends and family members will be given a specific name under the contacts of the phone. For people who call continuously, look into the dates and times of the call.

If they seem to only call when you are away from your partner (for example, when you are at work, or throughout the night), it might be a wise idea to talk to your partner. Make sure you have a copy of the reverse phone number check before confronting them, and never accuse your partner without hearing their side.

A Word of Caution:

When performing a reverse phone number check, it’s important to remember that the result you receive may not be the actual person on the line. Many families have multiple numbers on the same account (the same is true for businesses) and cases of identity theft do occur. This means that the account may be registered to a female Jane Doe, but the husband John Doe may be the individual reaching out to your partner.

Reverse number search functionality may not give the exact name of the person your partner is speaking with, but it can narrow down the information to an account holder.

Be Wary of Free Reverse Phone Number Checks:

Although many different reverse phone number checks claim to be free, many websites operate as a data mining platform. This means that any number you enter in the system will pull generalized results (or no results) while collecting personal information like email addresses and names.

These websites then sell your contact information to third-party vendors, opening your inbox to spam messages and solicitation. Always make sure you opt for a high-quality website that will not share or sell your details.

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