How To Enhance The Local Positioning Of An SME

How To Enhance The Local Positioning Of An SME

Working local positioning for an SME is an easy way to achieve more visibility for the business and, potentially, attract more customers. Therefore, we share five infallible keys to improve it.

What Is Local Positioning 

The local positioning is to work the search engine optimization (also known as SEO) at a local level. In other words, it is about applying a series of actions so that users looking for businesses in the vicinity of a company find it among the first results in the list provided by the search engine. Thus, local positioning is essential for companies with a physical location or those who want to deliver their products or services only in a specific geographical area.

How To Get A Good Local Positioning 

Create Google My Business Account

The Google My Business tabs, adequately optimized, are an easy way to achieve visibility among the first Google results and appear in the searches of Google Maps users. In addition to creating this tab, it is necessary to optimize it to improve the positioning in Google My Business.

Get Positive Reviews In Directories

A good image in the review directories not only boosts potential customers’ confidence in a business but also provides quality links to a company’s website, enhancing its positioning. In this sense, it is also helpful to appear in online directories, such as Yellow Pages.

Optimize Your Website For Voice Searches

Everything indicates that voice searches are growing dramatically. Thus, the contents of your website and the keywords for which you optimize must take into account that users who do voice searches use different terms and expressions than those they would type with a keyboard. 

Generate Local Content 

Content linked to local events or news (for example, on the corporate blog) indicates to Google that your website and your business are connected to that specific geographic location. 

Optimize Your Website For Mobile Users

The shift from computers to mobile devices to perform searches and, in general, to carry out online activities is happening at an incredible speed. What’s more, Google estimates that people who have a bad experience on a website because it is not mobile-friendly are 60% less likely to buy from a business.

Ensure NAP Consistency

The NAP consistency is based on the name, address, and telephone company (NAP comes from ‘Name, Address, Phone’ ) are the same and are written in the same way in different parts of the digital environment. If search engines detect inconsistencies and errors in these three pieces of information, local positioning will suffer.

Advantages Of Local Positioning

  • Improve online visibility: Being in the first position of Google means that a website receives ten times more visits compared to the website in the 10th position. In other words, to achieve visibility, it is essential to work on local positioning to try to reach the highest place in the list of results.
  • Get more relevant traffic: Local positioning is also helpful to ensure that those who come to your website are users interested in your business. 
  • Get the trust of users: Appearing among the first positions of Google is an easy way to achieve the trust of users who, at first glance, identify your company as a leader.

More sales: all the above advantages translate into an improvement in sales.

In any case, any local positioning strategy for SMEs will benefit from having experts in web positioning who can carry out an analysis of business needs and apply the appropriate actions to make your business stand out on the internet.  


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