How To Improve The Sales Strategy In The SMEs Ecosystem

How To Improve The Sales Strategy In The SMEs Ecosystem

Optimizing sales, invoicing more, and generating more profits is the mantra of SMEs in 2022. The objective is not a small thing, considering the current environment in which the economy operates at all levels. But, Data experts have identified some simple techniques with which SMEs could approach the long-awaited goal of selling more and better.

Map Current Processes

It is a starting point. Taking stock of the current strategy allows successful actions to be valued. And identify those areas in which it is necessary to improve. Or delete. Mapping current processes determine if the steps and resources used are correct to drive business growth. And, in any case, to better understand the stages of a sale.

According to Data experts, this mapping can lead business managers to ask themselves some basic questions, such as:

  • How many emails should be sent?
  • How many calls do you have to make?
  • Who should be the receiver of emails and calls?
  • How are proposals made? Including? How long does it take to prepare and ship them?

Making a balance of the fundamental aspects surrounding the sales process makes it easier to design a more adjusted sales strategy. And, with it, boost the financial development of the business. A business process can be reduced to key steps: attracting potential customers, sending proposals, negotiations, and sales confirmation.

But, to these critical processes, we must add other “complementary” functions that can lead to the success or failure of any sales strategy: a good selection of products/services, the optimal definition of prices, adaptation to the client, the identification of the profitability indices by product/service, by the customer, by geographical area.

And, of course, functions such as the optimal delivery of orders, billing, and collection-payment processes, claims management, etc. Designing an adequate strategy and putting it into practice with the necessary tools will enable companies to fulfill their commitments. Guarantee the service. And increase loyalty rates. That is, sell more and better. How to improve the sales strategy in the SME ecosystem

Rely On An ERP Business Management Software

With the evolution of technology, many business management applications have evolved rapidly. It is especially introducing new features and improving the user experience. As Pablo Couso, commercial director of Data, explains, “one of the greatest revolutions in the commercial ERP environment is the introduction of analytical functions. An ERP with native BI provides SMEs with an unprecedented analysis capacity. Facilitates decision-making. And it guarantees precision in all performances.”

Operating or deciding based on the knowledge provided by the Data is key for a commercial strategy to be successful. The predictive capabilities it provides and the simulation and anticipation options it offers mean that SMEs that support their commercial management in an ERP with native BI are better prepared to succeed than those that use essential management tools. Simplifying processes saves time. Automating tasks also helps increase the accuracy of the results.

It makes processes fluid and rigorous. And it makes it easy to track the implemented actions. And with it, its evaluation always operates under the best practices scheme. And in a mode of continuous innovation and permanent improvement. In addition, having centralized information and having the entire process carried out via ERP, even integrated with other applications -CRM or e-commerce- gives greater security and confidence to the business process.

KPI or Performance Indicators

KPIs help improve organizational performance. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to them. It was defining them correctly and making a detailed follow-up of their evolution. The information provided by the performance indicators helps to understand, for example, the average time and cost to make a sale. Or the profit margin of a customer or a product/service. Or the waiting time between when the customer places the order and receives the product/service. Using the appropriate technology also impacts the definition and monitoring of KPIs. Centralize information, automate calculations and send alerts. Everything applies when analyzing business KPIs.

Print Speed To The Process

Responding quickly to a customer’s or prospect’s request for information is key to accelerating the sales process. Mainly due to the image of solvency that the organization provides. And also, in an environment where the client is oversaturated with information, standing out for speed, simplicity, and transparency is a plus to be taken into account in the SME environment.

For this reason, when using a commercial ERP, SMEs opt for solutions that guarantee the solidity of its operation, functional coverage, and, very significantly, those applications that provide speed and flexibility responding quickly and applying directly to the quality of service offered to the customer. And, therefore, on their level of satisfaction and connection with the brand.

Evaluate The Quality Of The Offer

One strategy that works best in the commercial field is evaluating the offer. Review the quality of the products/services that are marketed. This helps to identify the reasons why the market opts for our proposal or that of the competition. It is important to define the weak points and the strengths of what is offered to the market -says. This will help achieve more significant differentiation by enhancing the strengths. And it will facilitate decision-making regarding the areas for improvement identified. Either by investing more in particular products/services to boost their sales. Or, on the contrary, suspend its commercialization if the results do not accompany it.

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