Innovative Use Cases for Explainer Videos Across Different Industries

Innovative Use Cases for Explainer Videos Across Different Industries


Explainer Videos: The term often conjures images of a 60-second, animated clip explaining the essence of a brand or product. But have you ever thought about how versatile this medium can be? Gone are the days when explainer videos were just a marketing gimmick. Today, they are vital educational tools, brand enhancers, and even social change agents. In this article, we’ll take you through various industries to show how transformative and versatile explainer videos can be. Whether you’re interested in harnessing the power of explainer videos for your business or cause, you can explore examples and learn more at “,” a platform that specializes in creating impactful explainer videos to suit a wide range of needs.

The Tech Sector: More Than Just Code

If you’ve ever tried to understand the intricacies of blockchain technology or set up complicated software, you know how tough it can be to digest textual information. Tech companies were among the first to recognize the potential of explainer videos. Companies like Microsoft use a series of short videos to walk users through the features of Microsoft 365. From explaining cloud storage to collaboration features, these videos provide an intuitive learning curve. But it’s not only about “how-tos”; it’s about articulating the “why” behind the product.

Healthcare: Medicine Simplified

Remember leafing through lengthy medical brochures and feeling more anxious than informed? Explainer videos are revolutionizing the way we consume healthcare information. For instance, the Mayo Clinic has a section of explainer videos guiding visitors through various procedures. These videos make information more digestible for the layman; they also serve as a valuable tool for healthcare professionals to keep themselves updated.

Retail and eCommerce: Beyond Product Descriptions

In retail, the power of visuals cannot be understated. Amazon uses explainer videos to offer a more interactive experience, showing how products can be used in real-life settings. Virtual shop walkthroughs are also gaining traction, especially for small businesses that may have a different footfall than large retailers. These videos serve as virtual salespeople, personalizing the shopping experience for online customers.

Education: Making Learning Fun Again

Classroom teaching has limits, and educators are always looking for tools that can make learning more engaging. Explainer videos fill this gap nicely. Companies like Khan Academy rely heavily on explainer videos to break down complex topics like calculus or history into more manageable bits, making learning accessible and fun for students of all ages.

Sustainability: Visualizing a Greener Tomorrow

Climate change, renewable energy, and waste management are hefty topics that are hard to wrap our heads around. Organizations like the World Wildlife Fund employ explainer videos to debunk myths and present scientific data in a manner that’s easy to grasp. Such videos translate complex ideas into visual stories that make people care about our planet.

Deeper Dive: Tech Sector – The Art of Explaining Complex Ideas

While short, quick videos are great for an overview; the tech sector must often delve into more complex topics. This is where longer-form explainer videos come in. Companies like Cisco and IBM use long-form explainer videos to discuss cyber-security measures, network management, or artificial intelligence. These videos often use metaphors and relatable scenarios to break down jargon-filled concepts into language anyone can understand. This helps in customer education and positions the brand as a thought leader in the space.

Deeper Dive: Healthcare – Building Trust Through Transparency

Healthcare is an industry where trust is paramount. What better way to build that trust than through transparent, easily digestible videos? Pharmaceutical companies use explainer videos to discuss how certain drugs work at the molecular level. These videos often include 3D animations to give viewers an inside look at how medications interact with the body. This transparency often results in better adherence to medications and treatment plans.

Deeper Dive: Retail & eCommerce – The Rise of User-Generated Content

User-generated content is a powerful tool in the world of online retail. Imagine watching an explainer video created by someone who has used the product. This creates a sense of trust and relatability that a brand’s video might not achieve. Websites like YouTube contain such content, from unboxing videos to how-to guides. These act as organic marketing for brands and offer a real-world demonstration of the product’s capabilities.

Deeper Dive: Education – Personalized Learning Experiences

One of the most promising trends in education is the idea of personalized learning, and explainer videos are a critical part of this. With the help of AI-driven algorithms, platforms like Khan Academy can now offer a customized learning journey. These platforms use explainer videos to teach, followed by quizzes to test comprehension. If the student struggles, more targeted explainer videos can be presented to fill in knowledge gaps.

Deeper Dive: Sustainability – Mobilizing Action Through Emotional Narratives

The biggest challenge in fighting climate change is mobilizing action. Explainer videos in the sustainability sector increasingly use storytelling to trigger an emotional response. For example, showing the devastating effects of plastic pollution through visuals of affected marine life can be more compelling than mere statistics.


As we’ve seen, explainer videos are more than just marketing tools; they are educational resources, trust builders, and even agents of social change. As technology advances and our attention spans grow shorter, the power of a well-crafted explainer video to hold our attention and make us think cannot be understated.

Case Studies: Successful Explainer Video Campaigns Across Industries

Nothing brings a concept to life like a real-world example. So, let’s look at some iconic case studies of explainer videos that significantly impacted.

Tech Sector: Dropbox’s Simplified Story

Dropbox’s early success is often attributed to a single, simplistic explainer video. When cloud storage was a foreign concept for many, Dropbox used a straightforward video to elucidate the idea. The video resulted in a 10% increase in sign-up rates, equating to several million additional customers.

Healthcare: The Cleveland Clinic Empathy Series

The Cleveland Clinic used explainer videos to share patient stories, focusing on the humane side of healthcare. Their empathy series helped improve trust in healthcare providers and gave people a more holistic understanding of medical treatments.

Retail & eCommerce: Dollar Shave Club’s Viral Hit

Dollar Shave Club became an overnight sensation thanks to a viral explainer video. This video was entertaining and clearly explained the subscription model, making it easy for viewers to understand the value proposition.

Education: Ted-Ed’s Lessons Worth Sharing

Ted-Ed produces explainer videos on various subjects, from science to the humanities. Their approach is academic yet accessible, making complex subjects digestible to people of all ages.

Sustainability: WWF’s Earth Hour

WWF’s Earth Hour explainer video used emotional storytelling to get its point across. With its compelling visuals and narrative, it managed to mobilize a global community around the cause.

Final Thoughts: The Future of Explainer Videos

Explainer videos have evolved from mere marketing gimmicks to invaluable tools for change and education. With the rapid advancements in technology, especially in virtual reality and artificial intelligence, the scope of what explainer videos can achieve is expanding. Companies are investing more in interactive videos that allow users to choose different paths, making the experience more engaging and personalized. This could be the next frontier in the world of explainer videos.

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