Invite your Loved Ones the Unique Way through Personalized Videos

Invite your Loved Ones the Unique Way through Personalized Videos

Considered as one of the most special events in anybody’s life, weddings have become a part of our religion, tradition, culture and custom. They have become one of the biggest celebrations across times and borders. With the growing world, our loved ones have moved to other places, but their presence is a must when it comes to weddings. With InVideo, one of the easiest online video editors, get access to a wide variety of free wedding invitation templates, and make the best present ever for your big day!

InVideo provides an array of templates that could be used by you to invite your loved ones to your special day, even from a distance. You don’t need letters and cards when you can invite them using personalized wedding invitations.

The online video maker InVideo comes with a lot of options for showcasing every component of your wedding. An invitation is just a start, and with InVideo, it ends well as your loved ones don’t feel left out after the wedding is over. A few among these options are- Wedding photography, wedding memories, album, timeline, Wedding reception, etc.

Add music

Upload your music or use one of the many which come with the free wedding invitation templates in our special collection. InVideo also provides an array of tunes according to the mood you wish to create for the video like bright, calm, happy and romantic- among many more. The volume could be selected based on your needs.
Music adds a hint of magic to the wedding invite and thus, we provide you with an option to choose it from your library or search one from ours.


Too many preparations to be done in so little time? We have a smart option to save your time. With our ready-to-make text boxes, you just have to choose the style and fill the automatically created text boxes. However, if you wish to set your style, you can select each part of the text and style it differently as well, in our convenient and easy-to-use online video maker.
With our adorable templates, the text complements the video and you can share the messages in any language, too! You want it classy or funky- we have it all with our numerous styles of texts available for free.


Log in to the online video maker- InVideo, and you will find a stickers section. Options available here are according to the mood, requirement, and theme- these will set a distinctive tone for your wedding invitations and make them offbeat. Along with the stickers, we have a wide variety of cute emojis, too! So go all out with being cheesy, and fill the video with the language of love!

Our wedding announcement templates will never disappoint you as they dynamically grow in numbers with time. There are always more stickers, more emojis, more music and more templates that keep adding, to perfectly customize your invite according to your wedding and your partner.


Nothing is boring with a few interesting effects to lighten up the show. The wedding invites available at InVideo comes with an option of setting effects for the video, which range from confetti and fireworks to retro and snow!
Do you wish to give an insight to your guests about the theme of the wedding? It is very easy with our free wedding invitation templates as they come loaded with effects that ensure that it gets the right message across. It lets you add a little bit of charm and oomph to your wedding invitations to your loved ones.


InVideo isn’t the best online video maker for no reason. It provides an option of adding shapes, where you can use any of our wide availability of shapes to enhance the text, image or any other component of the wedding invite that you are creating- so it’s fun, unique and interesting!
Our wedding invitation templates are enough to make your wedding invite amazing, but with InVideo, we believe in more is less. So our shapes option ensures that highlight the feature of your content which you wish everyone notices.


An additional feature that is available just on InVideo, the convenient online video maker. Enhancers could be used by you to create collage layouts in the video, insert masks on the scenes or insert your Twitter or Instagram post to the video. It is a big day after all, why to leave social media out of the wedding invite!

Add Scene

The option gives you the freedom to add more photographs and videos than the given templates, with our additional wedding announcement templates- all for free! Add a scene if you wish to buy more time and enhance your memories of the wedding invite.


Once you’ve executed your master skills and made use of our free wedding invitation templates to the fullest- make sure what you created is up to the mark and decide if it’s the final one that you intend to send to your loved ones by checking and rechecking it with our preview option. After all, it is a once in a lifetime chance to showcase the most special moments of your life!


Our free wedding invitation templates come in various dimensions depending upon your needs and whatever suits your style. Ranging from Wide to Vertical to Square, the dimensions have been provided to let you decide what suits your style and content the best so that it can be the perfect one for your loved ones.

Media – Videos and Images

Our online video maker ensures that you have the freedom to design what you wish with multiple options of free wedding invitation templates available. Other than the images and videos which InVideo provides for free to you, you can also upload the photographs and videos of your choice to give it a much more personalized touch. Your memories could be added to be shared with your loved ones.
So, your search for a free online video maker has ended. InVideo keeps trying to add more exciting features and free wedding invitation templates for you to use. It is never boring and always new when you visit us, so keep in tune with us for more. One wedding is over, but hey, another one is on its way. See you then!

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