Is a New Age of Graphene Apparel Here?

Is a New Age of Graphene Apparel Here?

Ever since its discovery in 2004, graphene has been making waves in the scientific and economics communities. This ultra-light, strong material was primarily designed for superconductors and electronics. However, has recently launched a fantastic graphene jacket aimed at the clothing industry. The Kickstarter campaign has gained millions in funding, and it doesn’t look like waning any time soon. But what is the secret to graphene, and how does it work in clothing? Read on to find out.

What Is Graphene?


According to graphene-info, graphene is a nanomaterial. Made from carbon (the same atom that makes up diamonds and pencil lead), it’s only one atom thick. This hexagonal lattice has proven to be incredibly durable yet extremely lightweight. It has some unique properties like increased electrical and thermal conductivity, allowing it to spread the heat around in all directions.

Producing graphene is still somewhat of a challenge. It requires extremely precise chemical and technical processes to make the one-atom lattice, or else the carbon becomes unsuitable for graphene. The chemicals also leave a toxic or dangerous residue. Thankfully, innovations and new studies have made the production process much smoother and allow scientists to reuse most of the materials. All of which means much lower waste products and increased efficiency.

Typically, graphene has mostly scientific uses due to its electrical conductivity. However, since it is so strong, many industries have found a way to incorporate it into their products. With improved access to high-quality graphene, you can find electronic devices and sensors, and sports equipment made from this material.

Why Is Graphene Useful in Clothing?


One of the main benefits that graphene has in apparel is its sheer durability and weightlessness. Since the material is extremely tough, it can be used on jackets and pants without worrying about scratches or deterioration. The lattice is resistant to cuts and abrasions, making clothing such as the GAMMA jacket useful as outdoor apparel even in extreme weather.

Since graphene is an excellent thermal conductor, the jacket can be used in cold and hot weather alike. During colder months, the jacket uses the body’s natural heat, and if that isn’t enough, GAMMA has added carbon fiber heaters to supplement any heat loss.

This allows wearers to keep a single, lightweight jacket on at all times instead of switching between bulky layers in the middle of winter. The jacket can effectively replace various smaller and larger pieces due to its incredible versatility and hardiness. The manufacturers claim it is puncture-proof and immune to knife or blade cuts.

Is This the Future?


Graphene presents a unique opportunity to make products and devices that last a long time and have superior quality compared to traditional materials. The clothing industry might just experience a revolution with the advent of fashionable, durable, and versatile apparel. If you’re looking to get your hands on the new graphene-infused jacket, check out for more information.

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