Large Technology Companies And Digital Dependence On Users

Large Technology Companies And Digital Dependence On Users

There is no doubt that large technology companies have generated a level of digital dependence on users, which it seems very difficult not to be today. Let’s see how these technological giants are reinventing themselves and the strategies they carry out so that the consumer continues to be hooked.

The GAFA Empire, Microsoft, And Digital Dependency

The day-to-day life of most users depends on these five main pillars: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and of course, the powerful company Microsoft. All these technology companies are American, and long ago, they ranked the top positions of the most powerful companies in the world.

The proof is in an experiment carried out by a Gizmodo reporter. It proved to be no less than three weeks without using any of the products or digital tools we are so attached to. It blocked all the public IP addresses of these companies to provide their services on the internet.

The result was drier than previously thought since you are incommunicado. Truly dispensing with Google or Facebook on mobile, without buying from Amazon, and without using the services of Apple or Microsoft became a real punishment. It was a real ordeal to go to work, not communicating with practically anyone via mobile, or not being able to make an online purchase.

The lack of use of Amazon, Google or Microsoft was especially relevant since these three companies. However, they do not have the best-known tools that dominate the market for internet and cloud services (this is the case of Amazon Web Services, On which Uber depends, for example, or Prime Video, which disappeared).

On the other hand, he had to say goodbye to Android. Although with difficulties, it can be said that it was easier to survive without Facebook or Apple. In short, being on the sidelines of GAFO and Microsoft companies is practically impossible for the digital citizen, who represents the majority of the population today.

How Big Tech Companies Reinvent Themselves

The most curious of these large technology companies is that they are not entering other businesses, as large companies traditionally did when they were successful, to expand and expand their market.

Now what matters is “reinventing yourself”. These companies are continually innovating through the continuous launch of new products and services. 

  • In the specific case of Apple, it is moving towards new services such as TV through Apple TV, video games and the incorporation of credit cards.
  • Microsoft, however, favors cloud services such as Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Google is reinventing itself through some technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and the healthcare industry in the US.
  • Amazon is very focused on its customers and its web services, such as Amazon Web Services and other online services such as Amazon Fresh.
  • Facebook was certainly weakened some time ago by its data security problems. He is now heavily involved with making more personal connections and implementing changes to his algorithms.

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