Learn To Disconnect While Teleworking – 5 Tips To Follow.

Learn To Disconnect While Teleworking – 5 Tips To Follow.

Despite its many advantages, teleworking is often synonymous with longer days and staggered hours. Working from home, however, means something other than being available 24/7. Imposing time off and prioritizing your tasks is essential to balancing your professional and private lives. Here are our five tips for learning how to disconnect while teleworking.

Set Up A Dedicated Workspace.

To get started, take the time to think about the different spaces that make up your home. You will determine how you could use them when you are teleworking.
Preferably, opt for a room dedicated solely to your professional activity. It can be an office, a veranda, or even a mezzanine. Ideally, it will have a door to separate private and professional life. So you can work in peace.
If you do not have a separate room for your teleworking, you will need to free up space in your living room or kitchen, for example, to set up your office there.
In any case, opt for a bright and relatively quiet place. Get some storage furniture to clear the space once your work is done. This is essential to achieve effective disconnection when working remotely!

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Set Schedules Like At The Office To Disconnect

In telework, adopting an excellent daily organization and setting schedules is essential. Plan when you start your day and shut down your computer for good. The objective will be to stick to it as often as possible!
Also, plan regular breaks to relax, go out for a few minutes of fresh air, play sports, or have lunch with your Ticket Restaurant card. You can order online and for a “click n collect” withdrawal.
Organizing your day and saving time for your hobbies and your family allows you to recharge your batteries and be much more efficient when it is time to get back to it.

Inform His Teams And Colleagues of His Daily Organization.

To disconnect effectively, you must communicate with your team about the organization of your day. Make it clear to them when you’re available and when you’re not. This will limit emails, phone calls, or meeting requests when you are on break or having a good time with your children.
Remember to provide absence messages on your voicemail and for your emails. Eventually, it may be helpful to indicate the coordinates of a replacement in an emergency.
A word of advice: lead by example! Avoid calling one of your collaborators during his days off or his sports session when you were informed beforehand.

Establish Rituals

To better put aside your work and take full advantage of your time with your family, introduce a few simple and practical rituals throughout your day.
For example, put all your tasks on a to-do list instead of thinking about what awaits you tomorrow morning. It is an effective and proven way to evacuate stress and free your mind. You will avoid posting this memo on your refrigerator. Store it in a drawer instead!
Turn off your workstation, put away your files, and close the door to your office with a key. This little ritual is a simple solution to materialize your disconnection and tell your brain it’s time to think about something else. You can now enjoy your leisure time with peace of mind.

Turn Off Your Phone And Computer Outside of Working Hours.

We can never repeat it enough: stop looking at your emails and listening to your voicemails outside your office hours. Instead, take advantage of these moments to disconnect. To avoid temptation, the ideal is to cut off your work phone and close your computer once your work is finished. If that’s not possible, use silent mode on your device. You will be less tempted to return to work each time a message is delivered.

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