Productivity In Teleworking – Is It Possible?

Productivity In Teleworking – Is It Possible?

Is it possible to be productive when telecommuting? What is the most challenging part of teleworking and staying focused? What must be implemented for teleworking to be effective? It is increasingly common for companies to opt for this system to continue their activity. Therefore, we are going to see how productivity can be achieved in teleworking.

Working remotely has advantages, but some employees may find it challenging to stay productive. Therefore, it is essential to implement new solutions or tools that facilitate this new work methodology. Solutions that help make day-to-day work and productivity in teleworking a reality. Hiring a tele secretary service like ours helps ensure that customer service remains intact, without delegating this task to someone else.

Tools To Promote Productivity In Teleworking

Trello. Users can organize and prioritize projects according to the company’s task calendar through cards, lists, and boards. 

Asana. This tool is designed to help teams manage their tasks based on assigned goals, projects, and daily tasks. 

Slack. It allows you to organize messages through channels, creating organized spaces for a specific project or task. It also helps you prioritize conversations and easily share files with colleagues. 

Google Meet. Video calls through this platform are easy and fast.  

Google Drive. It makes it easy to share documents among many colleagues, save them, modify them, etc. The free version has 15GB.

Kayako. This program connects the assistance channels, the information of each client, and the team that manages it. In addition, it has different functionalities, such as problem auditing, a communications panel, and recurring problems.

Last pass. A simple tool to manage the authentication, access, and identity of all the company’s online activity.

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