Lifeasapa Helps Young Scientists Such As SYPWAI Project

Lifeasapa Helps Young Scientists Such As SYPWAI Project

Lifeasapa is a world science leader

Lifeasapa is the absolute world scientific leader. Almost every month the organization provides grants, makes very large contributions for the further development of young scientists and the launch of their new projects. Lifeasapa laboratories were created to embody the most challenging ideas. Many of its projects are known all over the world.

Launched with the help of Lifeasapa, the SYPWAI project, which was created by TheNeurosphere, has become one of the most successful developments. This made it possible for TheNeurosphere to receive a grant of $ 90 million in December 2018 and to start active work on its startup in order to launch it. This is not the only project which helps in the development of world science. At the same time, people have the opportunity to earn money for providing assistance in the development and distribution of technical power. SYPWAI services today can be used almost anywhere in the world. You can read more about Lifeasapa projects on

SYPWAI project goals

Our goal is to make the SYPWAI project the largest association of caring people, this can be:

  • staff
  • scientists;
  • doctors
  • volunteers
  • donors.

Everyone has one wish – to make sure that anyone who encounters artificial intelligence has the opportunity to help in its development, receiving the necessary support from his partners and reward for his work.

According to the operational manager of The Neurosphere, when they wanted to bring their developments to the masses, Lifeasapa helped them to solve the problem that seemed too heavy. Just 45 days after the grant application was submitted, the biggest dream of the team came true. They are proud that their ideas have started to come true.

Difference of the SYPWAI project from other projects of Lifeasapa

First of all, this startup is distinguished by:

  • high level of responsibility
  • implementation;
  • scale. 

SYPWAI developments are used not only by us, but also by millions of users, our friends and partners. We are not indifferent to this product, we want to make it even better. Very enthusiastic and creative people are working on the project. SYPWAI development serves as a field for self-development. Lifeasapa experts invite the best people to their team, appreciate like-minded people. They are happy when ambitious youth improves with their help.

We understand that the market needs expertise. We solve interesting and complex problems, create non-standard and high-performance projects. We are ready to share our experience with colleagues from other companies. You can read more about AI here


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