Microsoft Surface – These Are The Advantages

Microsoft Surface – These Are The Advantages

Microsoft Surface has been an integral part of the market for years. It is considered an alternative to notebooks and belongs to the category of 2-in-1 PCs. The Microsoft Surface combines the advantages of an ultrabook with the easy portability of a tablet PC. The classic tablet could not establish itself on the market and was replaced by the 2-in-1 PC. But what exactly are the advantages of Microsoft’s Surface?

Ideal For Mobile Work

With the Surface, Microsoft primarily addresses users who want to work on the go. Weight, portability, and performance play a significant role. The Microsoft Surface offers precisely that. It weighs 790 grams and is easy to carry. In the fanless version, the Surface weighs only 770 grams. The integrated kickstand allows the device to be set up anywhere or flat. It can be used like a tablet and is well-suited for mobile work. Unlike conventional notebooks, Microsoft Surface has a touchscreen that can be used for input.

Matching Accessories For The Surface

The Microsoft Surface has various ports, such as the USB-C port. Interestingly, external monitors can be connected via the display port. The power supply can be connected via the magnetic connector or the Surface Dock. Advantageously, a USB-A charging connection is installed. This allows the Microsoft Surface and the smartphone to be charged at the same time. Microsoft offers users the opportunity to purchase various accessories, such as the Microsoft Surface Pen and keyboard. A Microsoft Surface case is also functional. When buying, you should make sure that you accept the correct size. Some of the Surface generations differ in size.

The Surface Becomes A Writing Pad.

You can buy a suitable input pen for the Microsoft Surface if you want. If the 2-in-1 PC is flat, it can be used as a writing pad. What is also interesting is that the Surface Pen can be used and controlled via Adobe Photoshop. For designers, this is very helpful for photo editing. The 12.3-inch large 3:2 format touch screen makes reading documents, web pages, and paper notebooks easy. The brightness is very high, which makes reading comfortable. It is possible to read outdoors despite the reflective Surface. In general, there is a high color fidelity. The monitor of the Microsoft Surface is one of the best on the market.

Fast And Powerful Processor

The Microsoft Surface offers a very high working speed. The processor is fast and powerful. The Surface is ideally designed for everyday tasks. But the 2-in-1 PC is also suitable for programs such as Adobe Photoshop. The test found that the built-in fan didn’t start up when surfing the web. Only when using programs like Photoshop. Such programs can be used with both the Core i7 and i5. It only gets shaky in complex games. The graphics card is not designed for demanding games. In regular everyday use, however, the performance is entirely sufficient.

Enduring At High Loads

The battery is excellent and has a long runtime. In the test, the battery lasted eight hours at full load. An advantage of the Microsoft Surface is that it can be used again after just under 2 hours of use. The Surface 8 has almost 20 percent more battery capacity than the Surface 7 and lasts significantly longer. Interestingly, the solid-state memory of the Microsoft Surface Pro can be exchanged. Qualified specialists can exchange and expand memory.

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