NFC Technology – How To Take Advantage Of It In Your Business

NFC Technology – How To Take Advantage Of It In Your Business

The NFC technology has taken a step toward widespread use and the general public through contactless payments, which already use. However, this technology’s potential is not limited to this use: it can be a way to improve efficiency and customer experience. We tell you what it is and some examples to use in your business.

What Is NFC Technology

The acronym NFC stands for “Near Field Communication” or “Near Field Communication.” In this way, NFC technology is a tool that allows communication between two devices that are physically close and are compatible. It is thus based on two devices: one that transmits and another that receives the signal. The most common devices with this technology are smartphones. However, they also include payment terminals, access cards, and other gadgets with great market growth, such as bracelets or smartwatches. According to the NFC Forum, more than 20% of the world’s population has access to an NFC device.

What Is NFC Technology For

NFC technology is useful for sending files at the user level, which can range from documents, photos, phone numbers, directions on Google Maps. In this way, NFC technology works in the same spirit as Bluetooth. However, in a way, NFC tools are the next step: while similar in concept, this new technology requires less energy to operate. Thus, it becomes more efficient, allowing, for example, that passive devices do not need a battery (which allows it to be included in labels). Of course, the two devices must be at a distance of less than 20 cm.

How Does NFC Technology Work

Like other wireless signals (without cables), NFC technology works by sending information and data through radio waves. In this sense, Near Field Communication is simply another mode of wireless data transmission. However, it uses other types of standards since it is based on radio frequency identifications that use electromagnetic induction to transmit information.

How To Use NFC Technology In Your Company

Allow Contactless Payments

The contactless payments optimize the customer experience as they streamline the payment process, avoiding waiting time and queues at the physical premises. 

Modernize Your Promotional Materials

NFC tags can be included in promotional materials: posters, flyers, or other support that will be in contact with the customer. By bringing their mobile device closer, the user can receive information from the labels to generate an optimized user experience that makes a difference. For example, through NFC tags, you can offer discount coupons or benefits in the loyalty plan. 

Power Product Information

Included in the product packaging, NFC tags generate dynamic and attractive information about it. For example, a grocery brand could include an NFC tag on its packaging that provides recipe ideas to use its product. 

Access To Social Networks or Wi-Fi 

To improve the user experience, you can include an NFC tag on some medium (for example, on the account holder) to encourage visitors to your physical premises to visit your social networks. Strategically placed NFC tags can also facilitate the customer experience in hotels or restaurants by preventing them from entering a lengthy WIFI password by hand. By holding your smartphone close to an NFC tag, your connection can be configured automatically and unnecessarily download any app.


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